I just realized that there are some bugs with the menu options pertaining to screen layout/etc, esp with how the checkmarks are initially placed. There will be a quick fix release to address this.

Anonymous says:
Dec 9th 2017
This is awesome, thanks!! Just curious, is allowing background input in the plan for a future release? It would be sweet for 2 people to be able to play multiplayer on the same computer.
Rin Tohsaka says:
Dec 11th 2017
> The only thing that was added is a toggle for linear filtering, for those who like pixels.

Would it be too much to ask for a sort of "super-sampling" that combines both, whereby it renders the pixels at twice the window size but then uses linear filtering to downscale to the size of the window?

This can be extremely useful for screen resolutions that the DS's resolution totally isn't a multiple of (like 1366px wide or 1080px tall) and give a result that is still quite crisp while not being either a blurry mess nor give the kinds of artifacts when doing nearest neighbor at non-integer values (like 2.8125x for 1080p).
Rin Tohsaka says:
Dec 11th 2017
I'm a dumb dumb - one should get better results if such "super-sampling" simply worked how Dolphin does its "internal resolution" rendering when it's set to "Auto", whereby it renders only at exact multiples of the source resolution with nearest neighbor unfiltered scaling, and then apply linear filtering during the downscaling process (though only if the window resolution is actually smaller - don't want to filter things if the window resolution is actually the exact ideal amount of pixels).

So as an example, if you had the DS screens sized the same and they stacked vertically (so effectively 256x384) in a program window that was 1080px high, you would upscale 300% via unfiltered nearest neighbor to 768x1152, and then downscale via linear filtering to 720x1080.
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