melonDS 0.6
I'm lazy, and there are little visual changes, so I will reuse those screenshots.

So what's new in melonDS 0.6? Little emulation wise, a bit more UI wise.

First of all, I want to thank the artists who have been (and are still) drawing all sorts of rad icons for melonDS. For 0.7, I will pick the one I like the best (and it won't be easy, heh). Thing is, I want to put the icon in the melonDS windows, and I will need to add support to libui. Which also means embedding the icons in some portable format, because each OS does its own thing when it comes to window icons.

Emulation wise, the big thing is the sound fix I talked about in a previous blog post. I already went in detail over this, but, long story short, surround works now. And sound emulation is more accurate, that can only be good.

There. The rest is meaningless shenanigans.

UI wise, you get fancy display modes now. Those were also discussed in a previous blog post, so no big surprise there.

The only thing that was added is a toggle for linear filtering, for those who like pixels.

The rest is, well, little bug fixes. Under Windows, you can now load ROMs with non-ASCII characters in their paths. As a side note, under Linux and OSX, fopen() can take UTF8 paths, but Windows requires a separate codepath because herpderp. fopen() can only take ASCII, for anything outside of that you need to use the Windows-only _wfopen() which takes wide-char strings. In the end, the code is a bit ugly, but it works.

That's about it for this release. But stay tuned, 0.7 should bring in some Christmas fun.

Windows 64-bit
Linux 64-bit

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RobLoach says:
Dec 7th 2017
Congratulations on the 0.6 release!
Del Rio says:
Dec 7th 2017
Since theres wireless support will we see pokewalker addon for melonds?
Karthik99999 says:
Dec 8th 2017 still isn't fixed :(
DaveTheMan says:
Dec 8th 2017
I have a Problem when I have the Bios Files that it says they are not there when they are. So I can't Load the 0.6 Version.

How can this be Fixed?
AxeVice says:
Dec 8th 2017
Thank you for your hard work mate!
MelonDSisbest says:
Dec 11th 2017
just wanna say good work on this and donations will probably be heading your way from me in the near future
AsPika2219 says:
Dec 17th 2017
Oh Yeah! Screen Rotation Support!!!!
Soralis says:
Jan 12th 2018
I just started to discover this emulator and oh my... I'm So IMPRESSED ! It already feels almost Perfect ! I can't wait to see what great features this emulator would archive ! Great job melonDS team, KEEP GOING ! :D
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