melonDS 0.5, finally!
Yup, there it is.

It's a recurrent theme in my projects that UI shenanigans are something I have trouble with. It's not that hard to make a UI, but making it cross-platform is another deal entirely. I want to avoid ending up with a different, separate UI per platform.

In the end, I went with libui, which is small and lightweight. I modified it to fit my needs.

The decision took a while though, and is one of the reasons why the release took so long to happen. Other reasons being, well, real life. My previous job is over, and hello job hunting again.

So this release features a new UI. It's not too new, but it removes the unneeded windows. Menus and video output are in the same window now, and the console window (the black window that spews nonsense) will be absent from release builds.

You can also drag-drop ROMs onto the window to run them. It is also possible to run ROMs via command line, but ATM when doing so melonDS will attempt to look for BIOS/firmware/INI in the directory the ROM is in.

If you play with your keyboard, you will need to remap your input, as different key codes are used (raw scancodes vs SDL scancodes).

Other than that, there are not a whole lot of changes emulation-wise. A few fixes, and the addition of antialiasing, as mentioned in the previous post.

Regardless, have fun.

Windows 64-bit
Linux 64-bit

The new UI library is incompatible with Windows XP or Vista, so there will be no such builds.

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Gabriel Brito says:
Oct 5th 2017
YES!!!!!, I was so much looking forward to this. Thx StapleButter. Cheers from Brazil
heaven says:
Oct 5th 2017
Why I can't open the game bios is ready
sturmen says:
Oct 5th 2017
Thanks, great work!
<xmp> says:
Oct 5th 2017
Some Guy says:
Oct 6th 2017
Do you plan making a pokewalker emulator/addon for melonds since you have wireless emulation in ur emu?
Would be a shame to not get any kind of emulation of this thing and see it lost forever
Peter Parker says:
Oct 7th 2017
Whats the diffrence?🤗
Kaizo[M] says:
Oct 15th 2017
Uff, 1 month without information, is good to know this emulator is in development.
Peter Parker says:
Oct 16th 2017
dabu says:
Nov 3rd 2017
As a developer, the less I have to deal with UI the better.
As a user, the less I have to deal with UI the better.
Merty says:
Dec 1st 2017
There is some problem not in 0.4 version.
non ascii name rom can't opened.
drag & drop not work
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