To make it clear
There is no Patreon version of melonDS. There will never be such a version.

Donating doesn't entitle you to anything. Not donating doesn't make you miss out on anything. You get the same package in all cases.

(this post used to be directed towards a particular news post, but it has since been corrected, so I will leave this here as a general note)

While it's nice that there are emu sites spreading the news, it is really better when they do some basic research and fact checking instead of posting mere assumptions that only cause confusion.

Thank you.
someRandomuser says:
Jun 26th 2017
Any plans into porting this emulator to Android?
CodeJuan says:
Jul 2nd 2017
I wonder is there a way to remove line through screens in 3d games.
Simply says:
Dec 2nd 2017
Does it successfully support Multiplayer in the games....or at least WiFi?
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