So there it is, melonDS 0.3

So what's new in this version?

A bunch of bugfixes. This version has better compatibility than the previous one.

This includes graphical glitches ranging from UI elements folding on themselves to motion blur filters becoming acid trips, or your TV decoder breaking.

But also, more evil bugs. As stated in previous posts, booting your game from the firmware is no longer a gamble, it should be stable all the time now. An amusing side note on that bug, it has existed since melonDS 0.1, but in that version, the RTC returned a hardcoded time, so the bug would always behave the same (some games worked, others not). melonDS 0.2 started using the system time, which is what introduced the randomness.

The 3D renderer got one-upped too. Now it runs on a separate thread, which gives a pretty nice speed boost on multicore CPUs. This is optional, so if it causes issues or slows things down, you can disable it and the renderer will work mostly like before.

When I had to implement the less interesting aspects of this (controlling the 3D renderer thread), I procrastinated and implemented 3D features instead. Like fog or edge marking. You can see them demonstrated in the screenshots above.

Then I went back and finished the threading. I'm not a big fan of threaded code, but it seems to be completely stable.

However, resetting or loading a new game is still not completely stable, it has a chance of freezing. Oh and the UI still sucks. I plan to finally get at the UI shit for 0.4, and I want to ditch wxWidgets, so I don't really feel like pouring a lot of time into the current UI.

There are more things that went into this release, and I'll let you find out!

Also, here's the melonDS Patreon for those who feel generous.

Have fun!
StarTrekVoyager says:
Jun 6th 2017
melonDS FTW
Jams says:
Jun 7th 2017
I've tested 11 different (most being pokemon) games in 0.3, comparing to the progress from 0.2, and i've found that *all* games not only booted, but had 100% accuracy with no noticeable graphical issues, and ran minimum 30fps. Pokemon being a special case were the intro was full accuracy, full speed (besides pokemon black 2).
Looking forward to 0.4!
greenDarkness says:
Jun 21st 2017
How neat! Like Jams said, can't wait for 0.4!
pog says:
Feb 21st 2021
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