News of the refactor: doublemelon is merged
Finally, time has come to merge the doublemelon branch.

This was the second big step of the refactor (after refactoring the core). It is now done, so we have a good base upon which to build the features we want for melonDS 1.0.

There is still a lot of work to do. Many areas of the codebase are less than ideal, there are some old bugs that linger and that we need to address, but we will get there in due time. melonDS 1.0 will be big, and we can't afford to let any stupid bugs slide.

But for now, a quick list of the changes the doublemelon merger is bringing in:

Some base work is laid for multi-window support. There will be more work to get it working correctly, but we do have a good base going now. This was the original intention behind the doublemelon branch, it just became a step in the refactor because it was pretty much required.

The configuration system has been remade to be much more flexible. There is code in place to translate legacy config files to the new format, so you won't lose your settings.

The frontend components have been properly encapsulated, which allows for proper multi-instance support. As of now, we still need to deal with a workaround in the JIT, so multi-instance will only work with the interpreter.

Thank you all for your support, and stay tuned for more!
Nightmare says:
Jul 9th 2024
Whats the progress of the Dsi emulation?
Rathalor says:
Jul 17th 2024
Thanks so much for your work. I was in a bad place mentally and playing old games helps me feel better. Good luck with 1.0!
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