Refactor still underway...
There has been pretty good progress done, though. We have decided against merging my branch until it's a bit more complete, but it's getting pretty close at this point.

I finished porting everything to use the new configuration system, and thus the old system (really just a pile of global variables) is no more.

Most of the frontend is also properly encapsulated. What remains at this point is the core-frontend glue (Platform.cpp) and the networking code.

There will still be a bunch of cleanup and fixes to do, but we're getting there! The first goal is to get everything encapsulated so it becomes possible to run multiple DS instances within the same melonDS process. The code may not be the best or the prettiest, but we can always go back and fix up things later, when the bulk of the work is done.

Quite the audacious refactor, given the sheer scale of it, but it's definitely worth it. Even if it can feel paralyzing at times.

Stay tuned!
Salad says:
Jun 15th 2024
it is always wonderful to hear the news
I wish you all the best and good luck ^^
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