Refactor still underway...
There has been pretty good progress done, though. We have decided against merging my branch until it's a bit more complete, but it's getting pretty close at this point.

I finished porting everything to use the new configuration system, and thus the old system (really just a pile of global variables) is no more.

Most of the frontend is also properly encapsulated. What remains at this point is the core-frontend glue (Platform.cpp) and the networking code.

There will still be a bunch of cleanup and fixes to do, but we're getting there! The first goal is to get everything encapsulated so it becomes possible to run multiple DS instances within the same melonDS process. The code may not be the best or the prettiest, but we can always go back and fix up things later, when the bulk of the work is done.

Quite the audacious refactor, given the sheer scale of it, but it's definitely worth it. Even if it can feel paralyzing at times.

Stay tuned!
lucaspltn says:
May 27th 2024
Basically refactoring EVERYTHING, it sounds like! And it's already almost done?? I'm excited to check it out once it comes out 😁
Arisotura says:
May 27th 2024
Indeed. melonDS was just never made with the multi-instance shit in mind. A bit of a shortcoming considering how early it got wifi support.
kikilxve says:
May 28th 2024
You're teasing us with this refactoring, and i'm loving it! (no adult joke intended)
Hope you keep up the great work with melonDS, it's undoubtedly one of the best DS emulators out there! (Considering DraStic as a very good emulator, just has a decent lack of features)
Have a good one!
Hu Kyle says:
May 28th 2024
How come delta app for Playing retro games for PlayStation and sega are not allowed it should be?
Isaac says:
May 28th 2024
Thank you for the updates I enjoy following the process. Hope all is well!
Klauserus says:
May 28th 2024
Thanks for the news. It lets me know that you are still working on it. I am very excited and can hardly wait for a new version. Personally, I don't need the multiplayer, but a new version will also include other improvements. THX for your Work. Whenever I eat a melon, I think of you
kikilxve says:
May 28th 2024
Hu Kyle, Arisotura is NOT involved or affiliated in any way on delta developent. The only involvement from Arisotura on melonDS is on the download links available on this page and the Switch port. Contact the developers of that app if you want them to add an emulator. Hope i was of assistance!
LEGO_Vince says:
May 28th 2024
This sounds great! I can't wait to see how it runs on the next update!
^.^ says:
May 29th 2024
thanks for the update! I hope you are doing well
KayloGL says:
May 30th 2024
Keep up the good work, my man.
Arisotura says:
May 30th 2024
thanks, I'm not a man tho
ken says:
May 31st 2024
thank you Arisotura for updating the already phenomenal emulator, just asking if there are any plans to add retroachievements support in the future?
KR says:
May 31st 2024
Super excited about seeing the upcoming builds include the Compute Shader and LAN Multiplayer! Keep up the fantastic work, Arisotura!! Thank you for all your excellent work on the DS emulator scene!
Del says:
Jun 2nd 2024
Thank you for all of your work on MelonDS! It's amazing that we've come as far as we have because of your work- DS emulation is in SUCH a nice place right now compared to how it was years ago, and I hope it continues to improve. Regardless, MelonDS is such a huge feat.
ninathedev says:
Jun 7th 2024
yoo! i am loving this news! i can hardly wait!!!!!!!! luv yall!
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