Refactor underway
Due to the scope of the refactor, keeping it all in a separate branch will not be feasible. I will have to merge my branch soon (hopefully by the end of the week).

This means that while the refactor is in progress, CI builds will be more or less rather broken and unstable, so don't rely on them.

We also plan on putting up 'beta' builds with certain features of interest, namely the compute shader renderer that has been merged recently, or season2 (the experimental LAN/netplay branch).

Also, side note: the comment section is not for posting your brainfarts. Pointless comments will be deleted. Repeated pointless comments will get you banned.

Thank you.
^.^ says:
May 15th 2024
If the spambots got here it means MelonDS is becoming even more popular ^.^
Thanks for the update, good luck with the refactor!
Arisotura says:
May 15th 2024
I guess you can see it this way :P just gets a bit annoying to deal with gibberish comments.

lucaspltn says:
May 19th 2024
Beta builds, sounds exciting! I'd love to try out Netplay, that's gonna open a lot of doors for sure. How does it work, though? I've heard it's basically LAN play over the Internet; but is it peer-to-peer, or does there need to be a central server to facilitate everything?
yagujiro says:
May 20th 2024
Hey! I was just wondering, is there any chances by any means that the emulator will allow to open it as two separate windows for peiple that have 2 monitors?
ProfessionalGopnik says:
May 20th 2024
@lucaspltn Most netplay (if not all) is usually peer to peer. So no central server is needed, afaik
IdkWhatItIs says:
May 22nd 2024
What is the compute shader?
Vaan Panupong says:
May 22nd 2024
melonDS is the best NDS emulator on earth.
PeeJay Bonobo says:
May 24th 2024
So, in other words, nightlies from any branch including master as of the date of the original post would be a lot less stable than usual.

Part of me wants to say, "Isn't this the entire point of 'bleeding edge,' to monitor progress as it comes along?", but at least, I have some understanding what a refactor means and why that means things can and will break until it's done.

But I do hope the Beta builds stem from the season2 branch because I'm still interested in that aspect of melonDS (that, and I ditched Windows for one final time for Arch).
Zach says:
May 25th 2024
Yo Melon just wanna say thank you for what you are attempting to accomplish as a development team and as fans of classic games like the rest of us. Emulating the TCP connection will revolutionize how we consider retro gaming with friends, and I consider this one of the coolest feats dared accomplished in my life. Kudos good folk and keep up the amazing work
Vince says:
May 25th 2024
I'm really excited about the netplay developments and possibly seeing it get more public!
KR says:
May 28th 2024

Compute Shader is like ParaLEll/AngryLion for N64 emulation; I cannot speak for the techy part of it, but basically the Compute Shader is much more demanding, but also much more accurate than the typical HLE shader. Games such as Pokémon Black/White, especially on AMD hardware, are inaccurate with the typical Shader, but emulate correctly with Compute. This is the main reason I’m running the Compute build as my primary.
IdkWhatItIs says:
May 28th 2024

Thank you! I'm not sure where most of the info about what each branch does, or other feature descriptions are stored but this helps!
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