A couple notes about the Delta release
It appears that the recent release of Delta on the Apple app store is giving us extra attention. While this is nice, I would like to state a few things.

First, we the melonDS team are not responsible for third-party ports (with the exception of Generic supporting the Switch port, since he made it). Our scope is limited to the melonDS core and the desktop frontend (ie. the Windows, Linux and macOS versions).

If you are running into issues with Delta, or with any port of melonDS: you should contact the authors of that port. Members of our community may also be able to help you, but contacting the port authors directly may be quicker.

It is also worth noting that port authors are responsible for keeping their port up-to-date.

At the time of writing this, Delta is using melonDS 0.9.1 as its core, which is quite outdated by now. If you're running into emulation issues with Delta, chances are that the bugs have long been fixed, but you will need to bug the Delta authors to update their port. We have tried to contact them about this, but haven't received a response yet.

tl;dr: if you are running into any issue with Delta, or any melonDS port, please ask the authors of that port first.

Second point, emulation frontends like Delta, RetroArch or BizHawk (to name a few) are definitely impressive pieces of work, but it is worth keeping in mind that they wouldn't be possible without the work from the emulator authors who provide the cores these frontends use. So if you're considering donating towards these frontend projects, try to keep the underlying emulator core projects in mind too.

That being said, we have already seen an influx of new patrons, so thank you folks!

Third point, not related to Delta per se, but this is prompted by the situation: I'm planning a bunch of updates to the site.

Among the first updates, I added some extra measures against spam on the blog. Nothing very fancy.

Next update to come will be attachment support for the board. It has come to my attention that some of the old threads link images and assets from Discord, and Discord has been cracking down against hotlinking lately. So we will provide some space for people to attach images and stuff to their posts, that way it will stay on our server and not disappear on the whims of some external entity.

We're also open to your feedback regarding the site, the content, melonDS itself, ...

I do kinda want to post more content on my Patreon page, but I don't really know what to post there that wouldn't just mirror this blog. Regardless, in a move of transparency, I've made the earnings public.
solitonmedic says:
Apr 25th 2024
It’s been a big win for emulation so far, the whole Yuzu/Citra situation not withstanding.
R3Blue says:
Apr 25th 2024
I’ve been having black screen glitches when playing Pokemon white 2 and either saving the game or entering a gym leaders building. Do you know of any fixes to that?
LGFR says:
Apr 25th 2024
Hello first of all I would like to congratulate you on the work you are doing on this emulator, because you are doing a really good job, as I tried playing a few games to see how it works and I was surprised at how well it works. I think it's the only PC emulator I've had a good time with and I haven't had any problems while playing.
One question I always ask if you can answer me, I was wondering if with the various updates that your application will undergo, I would like to have a function like the Mgba emulator has, with the possibility of directly recording your gameplay with the emulator of any game you are playing. If you can answer this question it would give me great pleasure.
PS. Sorry maybe my English a bit bad, the fact is that I don't speak English too well.
^.^ says:
Apr 26th 2024
Ohh, I didn't think the iOS emulator userbase was that big! =D

On a similar note, is the developer of the Android port (rafaelvcaetano) completely disconnected from the MelonDS team?

And lastly, feel free to hide your Patreon earnings information, we are not the IRS xD
PII says:
Apr 26th 2024
Thiện Nhân
No says:
Apr 26th 2024
It’s amazing but on iPhone I can’t connect to Nintendo WiFi, I’m using the melon AP but it says IP adress is incorrect
beggar says:
Apr 27th 2024
I pleadeth with you to add native RetroAchievements support on the PC client, milord.
Legion says:
Apr 27th 2024
I’ve also had issues while playing pokemon black. sometimes when i try to save the game random question marks appear on the letters/numbers and when i save with that up it freezes. i work around it by manually using the save state with the app but it’s annoying cuz i have to do it each time. also now i can’t get past a cutscene before encountering reshiram, the screen goes completely black and doesn’t progress. will there be a fix for this soon?
Arisotura says:
Apr 28th 2024
it has already been fixed, bug Delta to update their core or smth
My Name says:
May 1st 2024
Where can I get the files for the DS emulator
JD says:
May 1st 2024
plesae contact LittRitt for Ignited, he actaully responds and updates his emulator
Luis Inoue styles says:
May 2nd 2024
En el emulador de delta de iOS a jugar juegos de nds se escucha muy fue el audio hay alguna solución a este problema que tengo
seth c. tings says:
May 3rd 2024
luis, deberías verificar la configuración del emulador.
Aquí tampoco es donde preguntas estas cosas, ya que la gente aquí no tiene ninguna relación con Delta.

Firmado por,
A. W. M.
ahich13 says:
May 6th 2024
has anyone fixed the pokemon black issue?
anonymous says:
May 12th 2024
I booted it up, and the melonDS window was just black
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