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This is just a quick attempt at supporting multiple windows. There's still a whole pile of issues to fix, but it's looking promising so far.

This is not only part of the ongoing refactor, but would also pave the way for separate windows, a feature that has long been requested.

I'm having a bit of a question there: if we got multiple windows, which one should have the OSD? The main window? The currently active one? All of them?

Other than that, sorry for the lack of updates lately. January has been rough for me, but things are getting better. I've also been caught in a fun side project that involves reverse-engineering (and emulating, heh) ancient FPGAs. Maybe I could have a sort of personal blog for non-melonDS projects of that kind, or just personal stuff in general.
^.^ says:
Mar 19th 2024
@Astro Fenix
Offtopic but the main dev of Citra-Online (God bless PabloMK7) is still working on it, just search for "ñ"; what's lost is local multiplayer, which had its own "netplay" rooms/matchmaking servers hosted on the Citra servers...it was in some way a stopgap measure to give the feature without having emulators on Nintendo's servers, but that didn't help making big N less angry...

Interestingly, it was easier to implement local multiplayer "netplay" on the 3DS compared to the DS, while if I remember correctly Arisotura implemented WFC online first, back before MelonDS was even born.
Andy Wombat McDillan says:
Mar 27th 2024
hey nathan, I really don't think your business opportunity is gonna be good for melonds.
and I don't mean to be rude by this, no worries, it's just they really shouldn't make money through this whole schtick.
it's kinda asking to get obliterated by the big N, you know?

Signed by,
A. W. M.
Arisotura says:
Mar 28th 2024
that's sus
-_- says:
Mar 28th 2024
Businessman use Skype nowdays... sure...
Reminds me of this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBE9TZP26FI
Andy Wombat McDillan says:
Mar 31st 2024
ok, so I looked into this lootlabs thing
it's literally just adfly but for teh awsum gamerz!!
do not touch it even with a ten foot pole.

Signed by,
A. W. M.
inflatable yoshi says:
Apr 2nd 2024
I'm presuming you're thinking of implementing some sort of download play/"local wireless" support with this functionality in mind?

(I vaguely recall a way of modding a WLAN driver to transmit data via DS Download Play, so I wonder if it's out of the realm of possibility or not to potentially "hook melonDS up" to a real console that is playing in the same room as well.)

Sorry for any stupidity, I'm not a technical person, so... but still, hope the year gets better for you - maybe you should start a blog for other things. Seems to be some interesting things lurking around this domain...
inflatable yoshi says:
Apr 2nd 2024
Just looked at previous updates and noticed it was already a thing... wow.

This has really come a long way...
Cain says:
Apr 21st 2024
Dani says:
Apr 24th 2024
Maruchan says:
Apr 24th 2024
Como configuro esto 😭😭😭
Andrea says:
May 11th 2024
Como hago??
Stephany says:
Jul 2nd 2024
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