Quick news

This is just a quick attempt at supporting multiple windows. There's still a whole pile of issues to fix, but it's looking promising so far.

This is not only part of the ongoing refactor, but would also pave the way for separate windows, a feature that has long been requested.

I'm having a bit of a question there: if we got multiple windows, which one should have the OSD? The main window? The currently active one? All of them?

Other than that, sorry for the lack of updates lately. January has been rough for me, but things are getting better. I've also been caught in a fun side project that involves reverse-engineering (and emulating, heh) ancient FPGAs. Maybe I could have a sort of personal blog for non-melonDS projects of that kind, or just personal stuff in general.
Zyute says:
Feb 20th 2024
Sorry for hearing about the tough times you had recently Arisotura. Your one of the toughest developers in the emulation scene for most wouldn't handle what you've gone through as well. For me personally I think the OSD should be on all screens though giving the option to change this for each user could be beneficial as I'm sure some may disagree with me. The idea of having a blog for side projects and the like sounds like something you should pursue. It would be interesting to hear what other ideas or updates outside of melonDS you may have. Good Luck 😎.
tks:) says:
Feb 20th 2024
Thanks for your great effort.

Regarding your question, if my opinion is of any use, I think the best thing, at least, in terms of user experience, would be to make this option freely configurable.

This way, you could choose whether to show the OSD only in window 1, only in window 2, in both or in neither.
This would be the most flexible option, but at the same time, I recognize that it is the most complex to develop.

But this is just my humble suggestion, thank you very much and have a nice day
Anony mouse says:
Feb 20th 2024
Configurable. That would be the best. Probably best with a hotkey on the the current window to show or hide the OSD.
Anony mouse says:
Feb 20th 2024
Oh, nice work!
Arisotura says:
Feb 21st 2024
I want to have per-window layout settings, so I guess the OSD setting can be per-window too.
Zyute says:
Feb 21st 2024
Sounds like a great plan to me. Keep up the good work!
^.^ says:
Feb 21st 2024
Just wanted to say that I love how your screenshot is called "DOUBLEMELON.png" xD
Glad to hear from you Ari, thanks for all your work 👍
melonJYC says:
Feb 22nd 2024
I agree with ^.^. And by the way Arisotura, I want to compatibility settings to run in 640x480. I want this option enabled when 0.9.6 is released, please.
shura says:
Mar 4th 2024
thanks for the great job my greetings from mexico
Wowzer says:
Mar 4th 2024
Amazing, you've made my day!

I hope things go better for you as well, even if a bit <3
ari32 says:
Mar 6th 2024
Have you heard the news about Citra and Yuzu?
Arisotura says:
Mar 8th 2024
I'm not too concerned about it regarding melonDS tbh
Anony mouse says:
Mar 10th 2024
[about Yuzu] Honestly I am not surprised they got into trouble. Having a paywall for features and targeting a current console is an easy target. I can't imagine truly free projects like MelonDS could ever really have problems like that. They sorta tried that against Dolphin Emu and pretty much failed. Anyway, thanks for making the best DS emulator out there!
P.S. FPGA emulation sounds very interesting.... Raspberry Pi GC Usb Gecko?
ari32 says:
Mar 14th 2024
Im not worried for melon either, nor surprised with yuzu, but man am I pissed citra got axed aftervso many years of development. There was alotta love put into that thing.
Astro Fenix says:
Mar 18th 2024
And the truth is that it is no wonder, Citra is an emulator that was about to become the salvation to be able to continue with the online even after the closures of the Nintendo servers next month, and now it is like that. .. It's not completely dead but many people don't try online anymore, it's kind of sad because part of the magic of that was being able to play Smash, Mario Kart, Pokémon and Animal Crossing, and the few rooms that remain are currently empty, I hope the 3DS online recovers, the Nintendo DSi is already resurfacing thanks to this wonderful project.
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