Happy birthday melonDS!
Today melonDS is officially 7 years old. To celebrate, like last year, have a new version of the melonDS icon, recolored to the same orange color as 7 itself:

(if you're wondering about these colors: I have synesthesia, that's all)

I'm sorry for the lack of new releases since 0.9.5. It's been one year. That being said, we have big plans for the next release. I'm not going to go in length about these, the previous posts detail the plans well enough.

Just bear in mind that we're currently refactoring the melonDS codebase, so things may get a tad unstable while this is ongoing.

Other than that, it is a bit of a miracle that melonDS has been going for so long, and that after so long we're still around and coming up with ambitious plans. I've had several other personal projects, and none of them made it far past the one-year mark (or I only still work on them in a much more sporadic manner, like blargSNES). So, long live melonDS.

On my side, I quit my antidepressant in September, which went much more smoothly than I imagined. I've had a few bouts of depression since then, but nothing really bad, it's completely incomparable to what it was last year, and it's progressively getting better. I'm hopeful.

I tried Ritalin again, but it seemed to make me depressed after a while, so that's a bummer. I have a few ideas for other possibilities, but in the meantime I'm back to being unmedicated. Since this is how it's been for most of my life, I have coping strategies already, but the low energy part of it kinda sucks.

May 2024 be filled with success.
kn says:
Nov 4th 2023
I have been following the project for almost 3 years now, and I'm glad to see that the development is still going that well !
Your project inspired me, and seeing the 3 successive posts really made me happy.

As for private life, I'm one of those who think that the less meds you take the better you are, but well, sometimes you don't have that luxury.

Anyways, wishes you the best of luck for the big task that is OOP rewriting, and take care of yourself !

(beautiful logo btw, it's completely like a real melon now)
lucaspltn says:
Nov 4th 2023
It's been one year, but it's a year spent working on great new features and refinements, right? I'm excited to see DS Wireless Communications working in a future melonDS version, but I'm happy to wait as long as is needed for y'all to make another really great release! 😁

Also depression SUCKS, so I'm glad yours has been easing up recently! What's for sure is that depression can't last forever—sooner or later, it'll go away. Thank you for continuing to keep going! 🙌🏼
branchus says:
Nov 4th 2023
Happy Birthday!!
rafa1player says:
Nov 5th 2023
This emulator is the best. Keep going!
Chieh says:
Nov 5th 2023
Happy Birthday☺️
Kali says:
Nov 5th 2023
Happy Birthday!!! Honestly I had no idea it was old and now it's making me feel old! Anyway, I wish you and everyone developing Melonds the best of luck! You have one heck of an awesome emulator and I'm more then excited to see where it goes next!
Christopher says:
Nov 5th 2023
Happy Birthday!!!
Ted says:
Nov 5th 2023
I'm glad you feel better about your depression and I'm eager to see your ideas in action
In the meantime could you consider switching melonDS license to LGPL? It would make melonDS code available in projects which do not adhere to GPL license but at the same time ensure any change made to your codebase will be available for the general public
^.^ says:
Nov 5th 2023
Long live to you, Arisotura 🍾
Foxinthesnow says:
Nov 5th 2023
I am huge of melonds! Nice to see the project prospering. As for the depression, my wife managed to remove her medication as well. What really helped was the diet change: cut the ultraprocessed food and replaced for health choices. Check this paper : https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/hsph-in-the-news/ultra-processed-foods-may-increase-risk-of-depression/#:~:text=October%203%2C%202023%E2%80%94Eating%20high,Chan%20School%20of%20Public%20Health.
bozzGanza says:
Nov 8th 2023
Congratulations to the melonDS team for seven years of impressive progress on their application
Sarked says:
Nov 8th 2023
Cesar Augusto Cobos says:
Nov 9th 2023
This is the best emulator for DS. keep up the good work bro!! i will donate in these days.
Cesar Augusto Cobos says:
Nov 9th 2023
This is the best emulator for DS. keep up the good work bro!! i will donate in these days.
aboba the fool says:
Nov 10th 2023
hehe, I get it,, may 2024,,, hehehe,,, it's coming out in March isn't it
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