The netplay saga, ep 3.5
Just a quick post...

I'm having a mold problem in my apartment, so there won't be a lot of progress on netplay (or melonDS in general) while this is being dealt with. To give you an idea, I'm typing this from another place.

Regarding netplay: I'm not going to go with the idea of sending ROMs over. The other solutions suck from an end user perspective, but I don't want to deal with the legal grey area.

For the rest, we're waiting for JesseTG's pull request for in-memory savestates.
lucaspltn says:
Apr 17th 2023
The mold problem is _that_ bad?? Oh dear 😬
ProfessionalGopnik says:
Apr 17th 2023
Is it not possible to send the rom over as something encrypted and useless outside of melonDS? Or is that also a grey zone regarding piracy?
Generic aka RSDuck says:
Apr 17th 2023
if it can be decrypted by melonDS it can also be trivially decrypted for any other purpose, unless we start putting in crazy DRM measures. Though as far as I understand it, legally it doesn't make a difference.
Catastrophic says:
Apr 20th 2023
that sucks, i had the same problem but i lost half my stuff, my brothers room was covered in black spots. it was literally a hazard AND IT'S STILL BEING RENTED OUT WITHOUT PROPER CLEANING! i hope that doesn't happen to you, stay safe.
kevincrans says:
Apr 21st 2023
Thanks for the response and news update, I understand your decision.
Still I think for games, but especially download station, multi-instance is only needed on player 1.
However your approach allows future enhancements like controls prediction.
Good luck with your appartement!
^.^ says:
Apr 22nd 2023
FWIW modern OSes can hide passwords and other secrets encrypted in RAM, so a Download DsXL/ Download DS++ (thank me later for the names) might be possible in a way that makes it an hassle to recover the ROM, but you are still sending a copyrighted backup copy you should have in the first place...
Ah, whatever, just trow a CRC mismatch error and let people either continue if it is a compatible version from another region or commit piracy by sending what are now retrogames over a Discord upload.

Good luck with the mold, my bathroom walls need to be cleaned with clorox every few years thanks to the humidity.
AsPika says:
Apr 24th 2023
Ooo... networking games between PC! 🤩
JIIN says:
May 2nd 2023
As a user who has been deeply interested in melonds local network features, I am very interested in this major update. Unlike other users who are interested in the function of exchanging items between users like the pocket monster series, the game I want to play with friends only supports LOCAL NETWORK (a simple korean board game), so multiple instances implemented only on one computer are of course great But many regrets remain. I am well aware that there are many variables and difficulties that I am unaware of in implementing online local play. Nevertheless, I had faith that one day this would come true, and now I am so happy that that dream will come true soon. thank you
JIIN says:
May 2nd 2023
The game I want to play online with my friends is a Korean card game. It is a simple turn-based board game that does not require a lot of data transmission. Since I have already purchased the software, I plan to share the same ROM and program settings with my friends, so I am very excited because I think it will be possible to fully realize it with the version developed now. I was saddened that I couldn't use citra as this game wasn't released for the 3ds, but I knew that one day this wonderful day would come! Deep respect to the developer
Ds says:
May 4th 2023
If yall want progress start donating. Man is homeless yall want stuff help him out
?.? says:
May 6th 2023
Ari shouldn't be homeless anymore? I really hope so. It was NoCa$h that had no money and was evicted, I think.
Arisotura says:
May 8th 2023
if you're talking about me, I'm not homeless (and the mold situation is over), and I'm not a man either :)
N taisu says:
Oct 8th 2023
N taisu says:
Oct 14th 2023

N taisu
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