Status update
Not a lot to report melonDS wise. I'm running into problems with my cross-instance sync design, the kind of issues that are very annoying to solve, so... yeah.

Real life wise, I have finished the diagnosis process, so I'm now diagnosed with ADHD. I'm also able to get medicated for this; we'll have to see how this goes, but so far it's been a night and day difference for me. It's much easier for me to get myself to start tasks and stick to them. I'm impressed at how productive I have been at work these days. And so far I'm not seeing any adverse effects.

I hope this improvement can also help me getting things done for melonDS or my other personal projects, but right now it's a tad complicated. I'm moving to a new, better apartment, and while this is a great thing, it also means that there are a lot of things to take care of still, and that tends to be energy consuming for me.

But hopefully, by the end of March this should all settle down and allow me to take a big sigh of relief. In the meantime I'm trying to think of how to address the problems I'm facing regarding melonDS. Netplay is really something I want to get going.
lucaspltn says:
Mar 8th 2023
IIRC, a long while back you had posted that it would take until early 2023 to get an appointment, so congrats on finally getting a diagnosis and treatment šŸ™ŒšŸ¼
icarus says:
Mar 8th 2023
Congrats on the diagnosis! Real life should always take priority. ā˜ŗ
Alexgl155 says:
Mar 9th 2023
As diagnosed with ADHD, I completely understand you my friend.
balls says:
Mar 10th 2023
Hope you're doing well
ikigo says:
Mar 11th 2023
brooo why melon ds crash
idk says:
Mar 12th 2023
Melonds wont launch and the terminal is saying error starting crostini for terminal: 62 (NEED_UPDATE)
Nixel says:
Mar 13th 2023
I hope things keep going well for you! I remember ADD meds being a game changer for me too, but keep an eye on things like how well you sleep. The first meds I got made me fall asleep really late, and not getting enough sleep kinda cancelled out the effect of those meds after a while. Then I got different ones, and that fixed it for me.
asutaa says:
Mar 14th 2023
Can you make a button to initialize the joystick mapping?
Owelma says:
Mar 20th 2023
Iā€™m ADHD too. I totally understand you. The best for you friends
The Bearodactyl says:
Mar 23rd 2023
ADHD club UwU
DSBoy says:
Mar 23rd 2023
Great to hear! The appointment and diagnosis pulled through quick for u. Saw ur update last yr when u shared more about it.
Help, to do the things you wanna do, personal health, self-betterment should always take priority. To hear your side on getting help, gives me hope too. It sucks that life deals these things to u and sometimes it doesn't make sense why things are the way they are. Just know that focusing on the right things- not letting anything get in the way will help u to ur goal.

In my situation, state of things..i've a lot of pressure from surrounding family, friends; etc. Expectations, comparisons, self-doubt, and constantly seeing others (who dont have to deal with anything of what ur feelin) succeeding/doing the things they wanna do..hurts self-confidence to say the least lol. Its just frustrating when u have few ppl that understand what ur going through. They're either simple-minded or have no knowledge on mental stuff, explaining it wont help. In the giant, mostly annoying :) family that i have-
there are like 2/3 ppl that have some idea. Being close with em is good at least

Really wish that mental health would be taught and given good importance in school, having real facilities for it. Tho judging by how broken some school systems are/what diff countries around the world may be going through, we can only hope. Its about time something changed.
Brandon says:
Apr 6th 2023
How can i make that the right joystick of my controller controlls the touch screen??
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