Slow days
Yeah, we haven't been doing a whole lot for melonDS these days. General winter laziness, I guess.

On my side, that certainly didn't help. I've been taking a new antidepressant, and the first month has been rough. Generally, feeling tired and lethargic, but also having to deal with insomnia, side effects from sleeping pills... you get the picture.

The side effects have largely subsided now, I'm able to sleep without having to take anything, I'm more energetic in general, and feeling good. I have had bad experiences with antidepressants in the past, so I'm glad that this one is working.

Now I'm looking forward to my ADHD diagnosis appointment, which will be next week. Hopefully they can help me there, it sure would be nice if I didn't take forever to motivate myself to do things (including, but not limited to, working on melonDS).

In the meantime, what I'm currently laying out is a base for proper communication between melonDS instances. For example, pausing all instances simultaneously, starting new instances with the right game pre-loaded, and so on. This is going to be a must for netplay.
realdealmylerton4 says:
Feb 11th 2023
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Daniel Matteis says:
Feb 11th 2023
Thanks a lot for what you are doing man, your project is really something else. I wish I could program emulators like you! Maybe one day I'll fork it so I can "study" it a little better hahaha
Mivi says:
Feb 12th 2023
Totally feel you on the antidepressant stuff. Hang in there <3
L says:
Feb 14th 2023

I wanted to thank you for your work and wish you well for your upcoming adhd appointment. I was finally diagnosed last year as an adult and treatment has been very helpful.
haybster says:
Feb 24th 2023
i love you melon ds mystery guy
haybster says:
Feb 24th 2023
also im trying to get a certtain program called micro lua to work on here, it needs some special stuff so it can access files in its path or soemthign, lil help?
Retropie says:
Feb 28th 2023
Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on melon ds, it is a fantastic emulator and the most important thing is you take care of yourself. Hope you are doing well, wishing you lots of positive energy and vibes
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