Slow days
Yeah, we haven't been doing a whole lot for melonDS these days. General winter laziness, I guess.

On my side, that certainly didn't help. I've been taking a new antidepressant, and the first month has been rough. Generally, feeling tired and lethargic, but also having to deal with insomnia, side effects from sleeping pills... you get the picture.

The side effects have largely subsided now, I'm able to sleep without having to take anything, I'm more energetic in general, and feeling good. I have had bad experiences with antidepressants in the past, so I'm glad that this one is working.

Now I'm looking forward to my ADHD diagnosis appointment, which will be next week. Hopefully they can help me there, it sure would be nice if I didn't take forever to motivate myself to do things (including, but not limited to, working on melonDS).

In the meantime, what I'm currently laying out is a base for proper communication between melonDS instances. For example, pausing all instances simultaneously, starting new instances with the right game pre-loaded, and so on. This is going to be a must for netplay.
Zyute says:
Jan 30th 2023
Its good to hear that the side effects are gone cause I understand having to take pills. I've been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder / Depression and its a day to day struggle between medications. Never feel bad about focusing on your health & wellbeing Arisotura. May your appointment go well. I wish you and yours all the best and stay safe.
Minessota Klei says:
Jan 30th 2023
Hi Arisotura,

Much light and positive energies in your life, peace and tranquility!

I'm really looking forward to the new release of MelonDS, the expectation is great!!!
Zelenak says:
Jan 30th 2023
Not sure if you're aware, but you man are doing an awesome job. I know it might not help with your depression, but i'm refreshing your page every time i have some free time, just to see if there is something new happening, and even when you don't post any new code changes, i'm like, yeah man, he's alive and kicking the can forward. Really appreciating all the things you do. Just focus on what makes you fulfilled. If it is MelonDS, great for us, if it is something else, great as well.
lucaspltn says:
Jan 31st 2023
Yeah, the winter can be an annoyingly sluggish time ❄️πŸ˜ͺ I agree with what everybody is saying above: take care of yourself, and do what you feel is best for you! Even if progress on melonDS is going slowly, I appreciate every improvement when the next release comes out πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΌ
Arisotura says:
Jan 31st 2023
Thank you all!

(also Zelenak: I'm a girl, just fyi :) )
Zelenak says:
Jan 31st 2023
Aaaaaah. I'm very sorry about that. But I noted it and will correct it in future. Also have a lovely day. ;)
jnertial says:
Jan 31st 2023
I made an account just to say--good luck with the adhd appointment, getting a handle on it is definitely a complicated (but rewarding) journey when you didn't get diagnosed as a kid. From someone a little ways along that road--I'm wishing you the best with finding the resources you need to make life less stressful & to spend your time on things that are important to you.

Be kind to yourself and take care :)
zih says:
Feb 2nd 2023
keep your head up g, looking forward to updates!
Lesley says:
Feb 2nd 2023
I have seen you mention being tired/lethargic etc several times and I feel obligated to mention that auto-immune diseases can cause all these things.

I'm very much against getting a add/adhd/depression diagnosis before doing blood tests for something like hypothyroidism which I suffer from myself because this can cause unnecessary suffering. If it turns out you do have this, taking these pills instead will increase quality of life a lot. Although it will take a long time to have an effect (easily half a year), one thing doctors often don't realize is that when you take a blood test for thyroid it doesn't actually say much about the thyroid itself. It shows the TSH values:

`Thyroid-stimulating hormone, commonly called TSH and also referred to as thyrotropin, is a hormone that your pituitary gland releases to trigger your thyroid to produce and release its own hormones`

So after taking the medicine it could easily take 6 months to stabilize like I said, regardless of what doctors say about your TSH.

It doesn't take much time to get blood work done, so please just go do it for yourself. Thyroid medicine is really cheap. I'm not a doctor though. Good luck!
😞 says:
Feb 7th 2023
Yeah I don't have anything uplifting to say from my position... :hugs:

Just one thing that might have been useful earlier:
I know there is already the github issue tracker, the forum and possibly some other channel I don't know about, but I was going to ask if you could consider the idea of making a per-game compatibility wiki, similar to Dolphin's one.
asdf says:
Feb 8th 2023
As someone with ADHD, I'm just gonna say you should not look forward to being diagnosed with ADHD
Nixel says:
Feb 9th 2023
As someone with ADD, why not? It's not like not getting diagnosed will make the ADHD go away. Having the actual diagnosis can help in a lot of ways, in my experience.
Anonymous says:
Feb 10th 2023
To the above hateful comment that I imagine will be moderated in the near future, seems like you’re awfully jealous of the incredible contributions that someone you view as beneath you is actually contributing to game preservation and are compensating with violence. You may want to talk to someone about those issues instead of lashing out as a byproduct of your own inadequacies. Arisotura has done far, far more for the public good than you have ever done, yet you wish her ill? Clearly unhinged and without merit.
Chuck Sneed says:
Feb 11th 2023
Thanks for making my favorite DS emulator!
realdealmylerton4 says:
Feb 11th 2023
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