Lil' site updates
Not much to say these times... after the big 0.9.5 release, I've mostly been taking a big break, and thinking of how to properly lay the base for netplay. I've also had a pretty rough time in November, but I feel much better and hopeful now.

Anyway, little update to this site. I changed the way IP bans work: they no longer block you from the entire site, instead they will just restrict your ability to post comments.

I will likely also do some other updates and cleanup related to this, too. So let me know if anything is broken or if you're erroneously banned from somewhere.
Jhoseff07 says:
Feb 8th 2023
Que bom que está melhor, aguardo ansioso pelas próximas atualizações.
Também tenho uma dúvida tem alguma posibilidade do emulador e do console funcionarem juntos em um local play, exemplo Máriocart console vs emulador no modo multiplayer local.
Jason Mansker says:
Jun 8th 2023
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