Lil' site updates
Not much to say these times... after the big 0.9.5 release, I've mostly been taking a big break, and thinking of how to properly lay the base for netplay. I've also had a pretty rough time in November, but I feel much better and hopeful now.

Anyway, little update to this site. I changed the way IP bans work: they no longer block you from the entire site, instead they will just restrict your ability to post comments.

I will likely also do some other updates and cleanup related to this, too. So let me know if anything is broken or if you're erroneously banned from somewhere.
lucaspltn says:
Dec 13th 2022
Glad that you're feeling better now, and I hope you continue to get better! 🤗
GoTime says:
Dec 14th 2022
Just curious, I've noticed that with some games, because of OpenGL being Depreciated on Mac, the textures are glitched E.G. Mario Party DS. Is there any plan for a way to resolve this?
bu says:
Dec 14th 2022
Glad to hear that you're well, excited for netplay!
aninhe says:
Dec 14th 2022
thanks for your hard work, wishing you the best! :)
me says:
Dec 17th 2022
ay happy to see you're doing great big A. much love :)
Jaime says:
Dec 18th 2022
When the last update comes out, the desmume emulator will be forgotten, rest, friend, you have done a great job
Mr. MOD says:
Dec 20th 2022
Take your time, you've more than earned the break.
Trunks/ says:
Dec 20th 2022
I'm glad you are giving yourself a break take as much time as you need!
kevincrans says:
Dec 21st 2022
I've just dumped&archived my first roms: RPG tkool/maker ds&ds+!
Because nds-bs being picky, Melonds was the only way I could test the camera function works fine (ofc cam emu eat fps tho)!

Anyways, I hope Citra can also benefit from your dsp implementation, as u said theirs was slow.

Mery Christmas in advance!
Shadowwolf1337 says:
Dec 22nd 2022
also citra netplay requires jumping through a crapload of hoops for it to even BEGIN to work
kevincrans says:
Jan 3rd 2023
Happy New Year!
Gin Tama says:
Jan 9th 2023
Happy Belated New Year! I hope you are doing well and thank you so much for this project! This has brought me back great joy and ofc nostalgia of when I used my DS to calm me down during stressful times. Really appreciate everything you do and hope everything is swell!!! Cheers!!!
Batman2044 says:
Jan 15th 2023
Happy Belated New Year!!! I hope all is well with you and thank you so much for this project. You have provided a gift to us all and we are greatly appreciative! I totally understand taking some time off after going through an exhaustive and extensive update process to make melon DS better for all. Take as much time as you need to recover and take a well-deserved rest! My request for the next update (or asap) is to add more hotkeys to be able to be programmed by the user. Specifically in my case "emphasize bottom" and "emphasize top" screen sizing commands please and thank you! Wishing you and everyone else a spectacular 2023!!!!!
Interested says:
Jan 16th 2023
Hey, how did you get started with emulation? Every time I try to get into it, I feel like there's a million things that I just don't understand at all. I really want to help with emu projects, give back to the community, but I feel like I'm too dumb for it sometimes
Muffins says:
Jan 21st 2023
Thanks for all your hard work! Playing Dragon Quest IX is incredible and I can't wait for local LAN to work for it, but being able to play it at all on the same system is amazing as is! Just gotta voice my appreciation at this insane milestone of DS emulation development!
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