Merge party
We're in the process of getting melonDS ready for a 0.9.5 release. That means, while Generic is working on fixing up OpenGL rendering on desktop, I'm free to go and finish some other fun things.

First, local_wifi has been deemed close enough to completion, and has been merged.

I added some tidbits of wifi emulation (for example, the Inazuma Eleven games use WEP during local multiplayer, so I had to implement enough of that to make them work), but most notably, I worked on the UI side of this feature. No more opening melonDS instances from different folders, MAC randomization, and other awkward workarounds. Now melonDS is able to detect when coexisting with other melonDS instances, and makes sure to save things like user settings, save file, etc, to separate files. For example, that makes it possible to configure each instance to use its own joystick.

It is probably still not perfect, but it's certainly a start. I also want to hear some user feedback on all this.

Regarding local multiplayer, the BSD socket interface is going byebye. This means it's no longer possible to play over LAN (not that it has ever really worked). But we plan to implement netplay for melonDS 1.0, so that will make up for it. It should even work better, in that the connection will be more reliable, but due to having to emulate all the participating consoles on every user's computer, it will be more demanding (although testing has shown that any decent computer can handle atleast two melonDS instances at fullspeed).

Next, I finished the work on camera_betterer, and merged it too.

Basically it was only matter of finishing up the UI side of things, adapting the Qt camera code for Qt6, and fixing up some tidbits (like camera image formats -- most cameras should be able to provide YUYV image data, but Mac cameras can only provide NV12).


You can, of course, feed video input from a physical camera into melonDS, but you can also choose to just feed a fixed picture into it.

There's also a setting for horizontally flipping the picture. A note on that: the DSi cameras have a register for flipping the picture horizontally and vertically, which is typically used to horizontally flip the picture from the inner camera, and melonDS emulates that. But, if for whatever reason the picture you get isn't in the correct orientation, you can use the provided horizontal flip setting to fix that.

I might also add in some more fun features, so stay tuned! And of course, if you're willing to experiment, we're open to issue reports on these new features. They will come in melonDS 0.9.5, but for now you can get dev builds from Github to try them out.
keisui says:
Oct 2nd 2022
regarding netplay and lan removal , would netplay let us play local only games over two pcs ¿ or does netplay refer to stuff like wfc or custom servers ¿ id love to be able to play kingdom hearts with my brothers all on our own separate devices , but thats a local only game . ideally something like being able to detect instances on the same wifi would be best , im just not sure if its *possible* , so i figured id ask about it
Arisotura says:
Oct 2nd 2022
netplay means playing local multiplayer games but over the internet (or also over LAN)
keisui says:
Oct 2nd 2022
sweet ! thanks for clarification
Minessota Klei says:
Oct 2nd 2022
Hi melonDS team,

Congratulations to everyone, I'm very happy to hear about the progress, very animated to test the new emulator!!!
Dolphin/Melonds says:
Oct 2nd 2022
I can't wait to see melonDS connect to Dolphin. I know it is not in the current roadmap, but I feel that we are getting closer and closer to that goal. Best of luck and thanks for all the amazing work you have done
YoungNutJC says:
Oct 3rd 2022
I just want to ask one simple question, but will this be coming to the mobile version?
bisaalz says:
Oct 3rd 2022
Will Nintendo DSi Sound will work on future currently it only shows the white screen on latest action build
Scrum_ says:
Oct 3rd 2022
Thank you so much Arisotura for all your hard work! We all really appreciate what you and the other contributors are doing for the NDS emulation community :)
poudink says:
Oct 3rd 2022
Honestly, I feel like this is already worthy of a 1.0 release, maybe with the opengl compute renderer thrown in. You're free to add more features for 1.0, but be careful not to move the goalposts too much.
shade-lich says:
Oct 3rd 2022

just tell me if I can play megaman battle network 5 double team ds online with my friends around the world
CxAxe says:
Oct 4th 2022
Thanks Arisotura for your work and time spent in this. I've been waiting for this many months. An emulator that emulates the DSi is good and also does it with its functions: camera and internet
SIGMA says:
Oct 4th 2022
@shade-lich not yet, that'll be possible when netplay is implemented in version 1.0.0.
fabvrizio says:
Oct 4th 2022
HEY, soy un jugador de pokemon de habla hispana , este es el mejor emulador que he probado , sigan mejorando! y gracias por el esfuerzo
lemonzzz says:
Oct 4th 2022
you rock ariso
nyes says:
Oct 5th 2022
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