Plans for local multiplayer
I know I haven't been active a lot lately, the usual.

Well, I tried looking into the DSi sound app, and found that it crashes due to a NULL access. I tried debugging that, but it seems to be some weird timing problem and I don't know why that crash doesn't happen on hardware. This will need further investigation.

Anyway, local multiplayer.

It's one of the big things to take care of, now. We have been mostly putting it aside over time, favoring various popular requests, quality of life improvements, and fixes to DSi emulation. But we can't keep pushing it away like that. We have decided that improved local multiplayer is a must-have for melonDS 1.0, and we aren't going to keep making 0.9.247 type releases forever.

(besides, 0.9.x releases aren't very pleasant, for the same reason why I don't like $29.99 type prices: 9 is brown)

Anyway, I brainstormed some ideas for reliable local multiplayer. I have already explained before why local multiplayer is so finicky to implement, but the basic story is that we can't just run two melonDS instances and have them hurl packets at eachother and pray that things will work out. You might already know that we keep telling people to disable the framerate limiter if trying local multiplayer, and that's linked to this too.

We need a smarter mechanism for synchronizing melonDS instances taking part in local multiplayer. I have some ideas in mind for this, but I have to see how well they will translate to reality. I'm concerned about the performance implications this could have.

If this is successful, there are other possible quality of life improvements that relate to local multiplayer. For example, how to deal with user input when multiple melonDS instances are running on the same machine? You might want them to have different input mappings, but how do we deal with that without making things too complicated?

The craziest thing to achieve would be netplay, akin to Citra. Well, of course, there is no chance local multiplayer could work over the internet, but there are probably ways around this; we can look into how popular emulators handle netplay.

Oh well, we'll see how this goes, I guess.
Puppet12004 says:
Jul 23rd 2022
Es posible MelonDS... ¿Para las plataformas Android y iOS?
Shinox says:
Jul 25th 2022
Please focus on adding Video Filters atm we need XBRZ or anything that makes NDS games look good
MelonDSRules says:
Jul 26th 2022
Would be awesome if netplay also features compatibility with savestates, allowing players to exit the game and resume without a desync, if possible. I believe the Dolphin emulator has or had something like this.

Video Filters would be nice with the ability to combine/customize shaders like Drastic or Retroarch.
Arisotura says:
Jul 26th 2022
Shinox: please understand that I don't control what my brain focuses on
Peduls says:
Jul 26th 2022
Fixing bugs in OpenGL would be amazing and far more beneficial than adding filters. Increasing the resolution can make 3D games really pop.
Zyute says:
Jul 27th 2022
I agree fixing bugs in opengl would be amazing. Yes filters would be a added bonus but for me its not major. Arisotura you have alot on your plate it seems so focus on yourself and I wish you good luck and good health. 😎
Lurkerola says:
Jul 27th 2022
Hey! hope you're doing fine arisotura
keisui says:
Jul 28th 2022
to shinox : id say the better solution to making things look good is to skip the filters and just go straight to texture replacement . everyones seen filters before and theyre honestly hit or miss and dont even smooth out everything anyways namely ui and other static graphics , with texture replacement the only limitation of high quality assets is your own preference . now , whether its easier or not to implement one over the other is what it really comes down to in the end , and what works out for the melonds team is most important above all , just be patient
Nixel says:
Jul 28th 2022
@keisui Why would filters not affect ui and static graphics? If anything, I'd think those are the easiest to put a filter on. I do know that higher internal resolution (usually) doesn't affect those.
keisui says:
Jul 28th 2022
@Nixel , im not sure really , whatever filters desmume and drastic have at least dont seem to affect ui and the like , i agree those would be the easiest to put a filter on which is why im surprised we havent seen any , at least in the ds side of emulation . and yes youre right , higher internal resolution doesnt affect them unless the assets themselves are of higher res than the native ds screen , ive only seen it in one or two games while all the others ive seen have their textures to scale with the ds native res
anon2 says:
Jul 28th 2022
"we can look into how popular emulators handle netplay", you could look at what dolphin does with mgba, and speaking of that, lets hope that the wii-ds connectivity of final fantasy crystal chronicles: echoes of time isn't as quirky as how the gc-gba final fantasy crystal chronicles connection was
CartoonCartoons64 says:
Jul 29th 2022
Do you think you can make MelonDS connect to real DS's so we have access to stuff like Union Trade Rooms?
AsPika says:
Jul 30th 2022
I will waiting! 🤗 Also this emulator version was same as Desmume version.... stay as 0.9.XXXXX forever until all features included!
MelonDSRules says:
Aug 1st 2022
@Keisui I'm not sure what you mean but Drastic shaders like 5xbr affect everything from text to sprites and static graphics. As far as I understand, many of them are applied before the double internal resolution is applied by the 'high res 3d rendering' toggle. I found some shaders on Baidu tieba that had 'HD' versions of shaders that do apply the effects after the increased resolution. I've even copied over the 'HD' part to 5xbr and yet I still prefer the more intermediate look between smooth and pixelated from when 5xbr is applied before increasing the resolution. It looks even better paired with LCD3X, also without the 'hd' version, so that the LCD pixels are much smaller than they're supposed to be so that 5XBR+LCD3X create an illusion of higher definition due to sem-smoothed surfaces and tiny pixels. Here's a screenshot:
keisui says:
Aug 1st 2022
@MelonDSRules in my testing the filters dont change a thing , just tried it a minute ago to see if there was anything like youre talking about , i also couldnt find any filter called "5xbr" , closest thing was "hq2x" . last i saw from the devs too was that the render res only went up to 2x for limitation reasons unknown to us bc its closed source and he doesnt like to talk about it . in your example you showed a 2d game which , i will say , looks great , i wish i could manage to find the filter youre talking about , but what do 3d games look like with that smooth type filter ¿
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