Long time no news
I'm sorry, there just hasn't been a whole lot of fun new things to talk about these days.

On my side, it's a mix of the usual, ADHD, depression, ... I realize I have mostly been pushing these issues aside, but ignoring them only works for so long, so I'm in the process of getting professional help.

I also started a new job a few weeks ago, so it takes a while to get into it and all. I hope this will work out, especially as my ADHD is getting in the way there too, and the earliest appointment I could get for a diagnosis is in February 2023.

Oh well.
Kairi says:
Jun 2nd 2022
Don't push yourself too hard the first step is recognise you have mental health problems and you already are aware so search help on people you can trust and proffesionals you are the most important thing in this world and I think you should rest find yourself with the help on therapy be patient and eventually you'll overcome this hell and work and do a normal life but until then keep fighting you are really strong
J8B says:
Jun 4th 2022
Take good care of yourself and thank you for melonDS, i can play dsiware "Petit Computer" on PC and with no need of the camera so just for that, you're a god.
DSBoy says:
Jun 4th 2022
Hey man. Hope everything goes well for u! Next yr for the diagnosis..thats sorta ridiculous, ik a lot of ppl are seeking help now and especially now with the time they/we had to realize things about themselves. There really wasnt a whole bunch of mental help before everything came crashing down- now we realize how important it is and how important it is to have that help! Maybe u could try another mental health clinic and see what they say (and their timeframe). Theres 1 here where i live, in Canada: the Possibilities Clinic.
It would be through a video/meeting call app but i also dont know if they operate outside Canada.

Either way, its great ur getting that aid to solve it! I believe i might have it too and am hoping to get a diagnosis/psychiatrist identify what it may be. Its not something we have control over- whether we get it/develop it unknowingly. It'll all be over. Pls support mental health research & development
Random Passerby says:
Jun 6th 2022
Don't worry about focusing your mental health more than the emulator, it's important to take care of yourself, so I hope you have a good day!
Fren says:
Jun 6th 2022
I hope you feel better, I've been using this emulator as my main for ages now. Your commitment is truly appreciated!
fellow_adhder says:
Jun 10th 2022
I'm sorry to hear that. The good news is medication will probably help a lot if you can get it. I couldn't even imagine my life without meds. I probably would've zoned out in a crosswalk and got ran over years ago (happened a few times as a kid). With meds, I felt so much better being able to do what I want when I want and not being trapped in my brain all the time. In the meantime, try coffee if you haven't. A bunch of other ADHD'ers say it helps them. Good luck with the job and diagnosis, and have some hope that medicine will help.
DSBoy says:
Jun 14th 2022
Hey im not sure if you'll see or read this but..
Id like to know about ur ADHD experience lil more- to see how it may help someone else? Possibly me but not sure about myself yet. Helpful and all to have someone give a bit of what they felt and experienced with it. So, particularly how ur mind is constantly racing, feeling trapped. But i feel i may have OCD-like symptoms (not that its OCD: dont want to self diagnose/say for sure) cause sometimes i feel like i'm not completely in control or give importance to minuscule things. A question too, does something called CBT or therapy to reduce symptoms, calm ur mind and such, help? Idk if all clinics have ppl that do that- possibly as a permanent solution.
Glad that meds are helping! Hope it does something for Arisotura and others.
Thanks for sharing/commenting!
KLOBIK says:
Jun 14th 2022
Here's a small resource document I compiled in the past for questions like this. I hope it can help you.

Here is an article on OCD. This is talking about the diagnostic criteria we use here in the USA (DSM-V). I suggest looking up your own country's criteria if you're not from the US.

Your comment gives me the impression that you've already made up your mind about ADHD & OCD and are instead looking for validation on your self-assessment. My advice to you is to step back from self-diagnosis and reflect. It's very easy (and common) to get caught up in diagnostic criteria and try to fit yourself into a box.

The purpose of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is to teach the patient how to be aware of their own problems & limitations and help them find solutions that work for them. Sometimes it's as simple as learning how to be mindful of a rising emotional state and taking steps to prevent further escalation. Other times, such as with ADHD, it will be more complex.

For ADHD, therapy will vary depending on what symptoms you have but generally it will be focused on developing good habits and fitting them into a routine as well as taking care of your basic needs such as exercise and getting better sleep. The effectiveness of this will depend on the person's symptoms and the severity of their symptoms.
A dragon says:
Jun 15th 2022
As much as I'd like to see an update to the software that allows a DualShock 4/DualSense controllers' touchpad functionality to be implemented into the emulator to act as a cursor for the touchscreen with the ability to import png graphic files as custom cursors, I do realize the importance of mental health.

Slow down. Take some time to relax. If you have friends, take some time to play some games with them and chat with them through Discord or something while you do it.
Rezeile40 says:
Jun 15th 2022
Good Luck bro wish you well :)
Arisotura says:
Jun 15th 2022
Thank you all for your kind comments, it means a lot to me! :)
DSBoy says:
Jun 17th 2022

And thank u for looking at our replies! It's nothing! It really is nice to see someone share personal things they may be going through-
but it also helps others, gives them somethin to relate to and such. They might have similar obstacles. That's another great thing about sharing experiences/not keeping things to yourself. Hoped the comments did something- seems it did! So thanks. All the best.
DSBoy says:
Jun 17th 2022
Thank u so much. Yeah I kind of have done that. ADHD is what I could have, especially cause it runs in my family, I noticed.
My sibling was diagnosed with it. OCD I'm still on the fence, u can have ocd-like symptoms but not have it.
Trying not to self-diagnose- ur right cuz it is just easy to put all these things together and be like "oh this seems like me" or "I might have this" but just cause of 1 symptom. So, I'll not self assess myself like that, definitely. Thx for all the info too! Professional help will likely find the truth but finding the right ppl is not too easy.
Take care,
ChainSwordCS says:
Jun 23rd 2022
also have ADHD (and depression and anxiety :)... was formally diagnosed about 15 months ago, *still* haven't worked out the best medication and dosage combination :P but i'm persistent

it's a harsh world sometimes, i wish you all the best
Fuck this guy ^ says:
Jun 30th 2022
What a trans-phobic asshole. Keep up the great work on this emulator and ignore edgy pricks like this guy.
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