Long time no news
I'm sorry, there just hasn't been a whole lot of fun new things to talk about these days.

On my side, it's a mix of the usual, ADHD, depression, ... I realize I have mostly been pushing these issues aside, but ignoring them only works for so long, so I'm in the process of getting professional help.

I also started a new job a few weeks ago, so it takes a while to get into it and all. I hope this will work out, especially as my ADHD is getting in the way there too, and the earliest appointment I could get for a diagnosis is in February 2023.

Oh well.
Teddie says:
May 28th 2022
Hope you feel better soon!
Sr Quag says:
May 28th 2022
Damn :/
I hope you're better soon
keisui says:
May 28th 2022
hope everything goes well for you , take as much time to yourself as you need
Juju says:
May 29th 2022
Hey Arisotura,
Have you considered taking an online video appointment ? I guess you might get one faster
Heider says:
May 29th 2022

I am interested in emulation. I hope to develop some emulators someday! I don't even use MelonDS (I have a 3DS that I use), I find this stuff really interesting, so I always read the updates on the emulator's websites with happiness. I have been following you for a little while, and you always brought me joy. When I read this text, I felt joy again. It is my favorite update, so far, because I am happy you are taking care of yourself. It is scary and can change how we feel about ourselves and the world, but it is a crucial step. I hope you get well soon, Arisotural. Take your time, take care of yourself, and take one step at time. You will get there :)
Gar says:
May 30th 2022
Wishing you all the best! You have the best DS emulator out there, your work is extremely appreciated. Keep focusing on your own mental health before worrying about the emulator. Thank you for all you've done, and godspeed. :)
Mauschen says:
May 30th 2022
There's a youtube channel called How to ADHD that has helped me learn a lot about managing my own behaviour. It's no replacement for therapy but it's free and it's always... good? weird? to learn about behaviours you didnt even know were ADHD related. I felt less alone.
I'm excited for you with your new job, hope it goes well.
fintogive says:
May 30th 2022
eat lots of bananas it has tryptophan which the body turns into serotonin. which help with reversing depression hope that helps!
fintogive says:
May 30th 2022
also for ADHD lot of proteins based foods (beans lean meat eggs) also get your self some omega 3 fish oil pills that will help with focus and brain heath/functions. hopefully this will hold you over till your appointment.

im more concerned about your health than the emulator so i hope these can help you out! good luck!
Anon says:
May 30th 2022
Arisotura, take care of yourself! A commenter talked about HowtoADHD, and they've helped me quite a bit! I don't think I have adhd, but struggle with executive functioning quite a bit. You don't have to feel sorry for not updating constantly; you're not obligated to perform for other people. Congrats on the job! Have fun, take care. You've done a lot of fantastic work already.
Anonymous says:
May 30th 2022
Arisotura, if warm thoughts and sincere wishes could speed your recovery, you’d already be feeling wonderfully well!
Zyute says:
May 30th 2022
There is no shame in looking for help. I suffer from depression and anxiety and I see a therapist to understand what causes me to feel that way and discover ways to cope. Best thing to do is take some time for yourself. May your new job be a success. Mental health comes first as we all hope you feel better. Stay safe and all the best Arisotura.😎
Shinox says:
May 30th 2022
Feel better Arisotura :)
Spec says:
May 31st 2022
Hey man, you're doing great work, don't put yourself down for focusing on your mental health and taking breaks. It's important not to get burnt out. I also have ADHD, depression, and PTSD and some thyroid issues to boot. (Get your blood checked if you haven't!) I got promoted at work 3 months at work that's kept me quite busy as well, and just managing all these symptoms is definitely hard, even with medication and official diagnoses. They're a small part of the puzzle that is mental health, but therapy is definitely helpful as well, once you're at least able to get medicated properly. I guess a lot of my issues stem from my ADHD, it's really hard to manage, I completely get it. But look, you've done amazing work so far and you should be proud. Hope you feel better, and it's normal to feel that imposter syndrome, but with ADHD and hyper focus it's definitely hard mode x 1000. You're talented, you're valued, and you work hard despite the crap life throws at you. You're resilient. Take a good break and come back when you're refreshed.
Internet Passerby says:
Jun 1st 2022
It sounds like you're bearing quite a heavy load. Despite it all you're still seeking help in a wonderfully collected way all while going through a new job change. It's a lot going on and you're doing everything right. Reading the other comments here and contributing my own, please know that many people do care about you. From the people in your life to random internet strangers like myself who ended up here because of your exceptional work on melonDS, please always take care of yourself first and foremost.

You don't owe us anything and have already done so much for others-- you do owe yourself everything however and deserve all the time and care for yourself. So please don't be sorry for a single thing. Just keep your chin up the best you can and carry through these tough days just as you have with all the ones that have come before. You have many people in your corner, even complete strangers like myself, rooting for you and cheering for you every step of the way! Wishing you the absolute best!
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