melonDS has been acquired by Meta
EDIT - this post is an April Fools joke (in case that wasn't obvious)

A while ago we had an... unusual visit at the melonDS HQ: Mark Zuckerberg, no less. Zuck stated that he had always been a great fan of emulation, and that he loved our project greatly.

He offered us $324 million for the melonDS company, including both the HQ and the Melon Factory of Kuribo64.

An offer we could hardly refuse. Zuck is a very cool guy, and we greatly enjoyed the time spent in his company at the HQ. Plus, he's good at karaoke, so that will definitely make for some fun nights!

On more practical terms: this means lots of new exciting developments for melonDS.

For example, one of the new ideas is selling NFTs of the best melonDS screenshots. That is an obvious one, but not the only one at all.

There are also many possibilities opened by Metaverse integration: melonDS could be made compatible with game cartridges you would buy in the Metaverse, and you would then get to enjoy your favorite DS classics in VR. Who wouldn't love that?

melonDS will also become smarter, for an enhanced user experience. We are thinking about keeping a database of games, so melonDS can detect which game it is running, and offer ads related to that game. That is a start, but with AI we might be able to take this even further and offer the most relevant ads an emulator has ever offered.

Harnessing the power of a cloud could let us determine for you what the best emulator settings are, so you never ever have to mess with settings again.

There are many more ideas, which you will discover as we progress throughout this. We also have new fresh ideas for this website. Like, seriously, Kuriblog? Acmlmboard? Come on, this is 2022. We need some damn modern, Javascript-powered software, like Discourse for example.

This is going to be a goddamn revolution.

I am going to remain in charge of melonDS, but we will be under Zuck's direction. You will hear more from him soon. Stay tuned!
Seriously??? says:
May 9th 2022
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Seriously??? says:
May 9th 2022
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LovelyDumpling says:
Aug 4th 2022
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