Server move complete!
Finally. We have been moving Kuribo64 to a new server that has better specs, is more modern, more secure, cleaner, and overall better.

Everything seems to be working smoothly now, but let us know asap if anything goes wrong.

There are also some further changes planned, like setting up HTTPS.
Cheese says:
Jan 14th 2022
AsPika says:
Jan 15th 2022
Congratulations! 👍
Guest says:
Jan 15th 2022
As has been said, congratulations!
I'm curious, though I am sure that not everyone else here is interested, what are the new specs (CPU arch, RAM, etc.)?
Anon says:
Jan 21st 2022
Ooh nice!! First time I've visited this site without having to go through ff's https only stuff. Love you beautiful people and this beautiful emu!
Freud says:
Jan 31st 2022
This is very nive!! Keep it up fam
Zyute says:
Feb 2nd 2022
Great news. I look forward to seeing what comes next.
bu says:
Feb 12th 2022
Just a quick question about the local multiplayer. From what Ive gathered from these posts its really hard to emulate it but is it theoretically possible? :)
Wolfie says:
Feb 12th 2022
Hmmm, This may be a stupid question, but can you add a download for the MelonDSi requirements?
Arisotura says:
Feb 15th 2022
it's a good point actually -- I need to revamp the downloads page anyway
Rayyan says:
Feb 16th 2022
I think Wolfie might be asking for a download for the BIOS, NAND, etc needed for DSi emulation in melonDS - but I might be reading it wrong.

In that case, we can't distribute those files for legal reasons; you have to dump those files from your own DSi (see the FAQ).
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