Little status update
I hoped to deliver a release around Christmas, but, seeing how things are going, it may not happen.

First of all, I'm having a rough time these days. It's a mix of your typical winter depression and other things, family-related. I'm not going to go over these things in public.

Next, I'm setting up a new server that will eventually replace the server Kuribo64 runs on. More modern, better specs, more secure, all you want. I will keep you informed about this, as there will be a downtime whenever I get round to migrating everything to the new server. There will also be some additions, like proper HTTPS.

Finally, happy birthday Generic! The melonDS HQ will bring you your melon-cake tonight.


Even if I'm not posting here, you can follow me on Twitter for smaller melonDS updates (but also a lot of other bullshit). The other team members are also working on cool things, even if they might not be as talkative as me.
Maskyyy says:
Nov 29th 2021
Yours truly, nb Gabi says:
Nov 30th 2021
Other team members, show yourselves in the comments!

Take your time Arisotura, you deserve it πŸ’—
AsPika says:
Dec 2nd 2021
HTTPS oh yeah! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
A dragon says:
Dec 2nd 2021
Are you okay with approving a release of the MelonDS Retroarch core on Steam or is there a different reason that hasn't happened yet? I ask because I'd consider that a release, even if it's not a new mainline MelonDS release. Anyway, don't feel too bad about things being slow.
Randoman says:
Dec 4th 2021
Randoman says:
Dec 4th 2021
Most of your twitter is french so I guess it's kinda useless to me lol
Also I prefer something like or spamgourmet to guerrila mail. Temp mail aliasing is cool. You can just serach on stuff like for foss stuff.
homeless says:
Dec 5th 2021
i wondered if any local online websites work with melonDS ps im talking about games like suoer mario 64 ds and new super mario bros what you will need local online website in order to play with friends is there any websites that are local and you can play with friends?
Chezni says:
Dec 7th 2021
Sorry to hear personal things are going rough. Take care of yourself!
Doc21 says:
Dec 9th 2021
Keep up the good work!
RECKZ_RZ says:
Dec 9th 2021
Are you guys gonna make some sorts UI for your Ron’s list sorta like citra?
DIO says:
Dec 13th 2021
Woah that site banner is cool.
ApacheMan says:
Dec 18th 2021
Took a gander at your Twitter and it's full of politics. Sorry but I'd rather follow your updates here. Thank you for you work nevertheless.
Just a somebody. says:
Nov 3rd 2023
Ok, just keep up the good work. I hope right now your ok, and if you need a break you would deserve it./happy christmas!

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