New DSi BIOS/NAND/firmware dumper
I have been updating the DSi BIOS dumper, to hopefully make DSi mode more accessible. It is now able to dump all the files you need for DSi emulation: NAND, DS-mode firmware, BIOSes.

This dumper is also a tad smarter: it will warn you if the data required for proper augmented BIOS dumps has been altered. By the way, the dumps should now be correct-- there was a bug in the previous dumper, where some of augmented bits were read from wrong addresses, although these particular bits don't seem to be important.

The NAND is dumped with a 'nocash footer' (small data block holding the eMMC CID and console ID, required for decryption) added at 0xFF800.

The dumper will place the dumped files in a folder named dsidump, rather than dumping them in your SD card's root.

You can get it here: DSi dumper

I will also redesign the downloads page as to feature a tools section with this, among others.
TeconMoon says:
Jul 12th 2022
Can confirm that dumping firmware using TWiLight Menu++ on a Nintendo 3DS is sufficient for being able to run games, but you won't be able to boot to the firmware.
Aszx says:
Sep 4th 2022
Creeper Of Doom says:
Mar 11th 2023
Error: 1-428X-XXXX. I filled in the X’s because i forgot the Numbers it said. i get that error everytime i try to boot my DSi firmware on MelonDS. When i ran the Dump Tool on my DSi i got 2 Warnings saying (ARM9 / ARM7 may be bad) any way of fixing this
123 says:
Jul 26th 2023
i don't have dsi/3ds
Just a somebody. says:
Nov 3rd 2023
Can I use a R4 to automatically boot twilight menu the second the power button is pressed, so I don't have to select it with the R4 menu?
Just a somebody. says:
Nov 3rd 2023
Please tell me if I got any of my question right, I do not have an R4 yet, so I am going of info I have got from youtube. I am planing to get one by trading with a friend.
Just a somebody. says:
Nov 3rd 2023
Well, currently.
Moises says:
Dec 1st 2023
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