New DSi BIOS/NAND/firmware dumper
I have been updating the DSi BIOS dumper, to hopefully make DSi mode more accessible. It is now able to dump all the files you need for DSi emulation: NAND, DS-mode firmware, BIOSes.

This dumper is also a tad smarter: it will warn you if the data required for proper augmented BIOS dumps has been altered. By the way, the dumps should now be correct-- there was a bug in the previous dumper, where some of augmented bits were read from wrong addresses, although these particular bits don't seem to be important.

The NAND is dumped with a 'nocash footer' (small data block holding the eMMC CID and console ID, required for decryption) added at 0xFF800.

The dumper will place the dumped files in a folder named dsidump, rather than dumping them in your SD card's root.

You can get it here: DSi dumper

I will also redesign the downloads page as to feature a tools section with this, among others.
mashwell says:
Nov 8th 2021
Dumb question, but can one do this via the 3DS using a DS(i) flashcard / TWiLight Menu++?
Arisotura says:
Nov 8th 2021
I'm not positive it would work for everything, but you can try out.
Teddyroo12 says:
Nov 9th 2021
Is this software to turn DSi ware roms into playable games for melonDS? Or is it a tool to get games from the DSi to the computer?
Johnny Macaroni says:
Nov 14th 2021
Has any progress been made on the texture cache in the last couple years?

Interested in texture replacement and I read that melonds would need a "proper" texture cache first a couple years ago.
kevincrans says:
Nov 14th 2021
Sorry, I'm a noob about the 3ds, but to my experience, if there is dsi firmware on it, rather than only settings data, it must be limited. I'm convinced of this because you have to use DS firmware to enable wpa2 lacking wi-fi features (I used hotspot). However, I don't know if it secretly is there, or if you can use it using dsiware, which is a different case.
A dragon says:
Nov 16th 2021
Can it be used on a DS or a DS lite throut the GBA slot?
poudink says:
Nov 16th 2021
the GBA slot isn't going to make the original DS grow a DSi firmware
anonymouse says:
Dec 7th 2021
Rip doesnt work with flashcart R4i RTS 3DS for NDSi
†.† says:
Dec 11th 2021
Flashcards run in DS mode 99% of the time, if someone wants to try this on the 3ds please run it as a DSiWare or trough TWiLightMenu or another DSi homebrew menu.

Also this is a stupid question but this can't dump the protected area of the DSi bios right?
Arisotura says:
Dec 13th 2021
it can't, indeed. for now there is no known way to dump the protected BIOS regions.
Zhumashu says:
Jan 2nd 2022
What is this dumb file is this is for pc or for android? And how to apply it
JKG says:
Mar 8th 2022
Very useful, thanks!!
JKG says:
Mar 8th 2022
I tried this, but flashcart says it is not running on DSi mode. Are there any flashcarts that are able to use this? What are the recommended steps? I have a "R4i+ RTS 3DS/DS"
Arisotura says:
Mar 8th 2022
you should install unlaunch on your DSi
Shade Lich says:
Apr 3rd 2022
hello I have 2 questions hopefully they will answer them well I think there are 3 xd

can i play megaman battle network 5 ds online

2 where do I get the bios

3 you can play online with a friend if you have android and another on pc

For example, I want to play online with my mobile friend, is it possible?
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