melonDS 0.9.3 is out!
We bring you melonDS 0.9.3, a tad late, but it comes with a good deal of improvements.

First of all, we fixed touchscreen input, it should now work as expected in all screen modes. We also added support for touchscreen devices (tablets etc).

On the emulation side, we added support for audio interpolation, as an optional emulation improvement. Depending on how good your game's samples are, you may see an improvement in audio quality. There are multiple interpolation types to choose from, so you can see which one you like best.

We also added a setting to optionally degrade the audio output to 10-bit, like the actual DS, for more authentic experience. This goes hand in hand with emulation of the SOUNDBIAS register, too. Emulating this register means nothing for the average game, but it could be used for cool tricks in homebrew. Hell, we even managed to make the DS play a song solely by regularly changing SOUNDBIAS.

There have been several improvements to DSi mode too. Namely, touchscreen calibration is now automatically patched in DSi mode, eliminating the need for a recalibration. It is also possible to boot DSi games and homebrew directly now, although this feature is still experimental. Last but not least, the DSi title manager allows you to easily install your DSiWare titles to your emulated NAND.

A ROM info dialog has also been added under System -> ROM Info.

There's also the usual slew of bugfixes and other little additions, you can check the changelog for the full list.

For the eventual 1.0 release, we also want to make melonDS less obtuse all around: providing user-selectable paths for savefiles and such, BIOS/firmware substitutes atleast for DS mode, less obtuse DLDI support, etc...


melonDS 0.9.3, Windows x64
melonDS 0.9.3, Linux x64
melonDS 0.9.3, Linux ARM64
melonDS 0.9.3, macOS x64
melonDS 0.9.3, macOS ARM64
melonDS 0.9.3, macOS universal
KurenaiDog says:
Sep 3rd 2021
Great news! Thank you for your hard work!
AkumaX says:
Sep 4th 2021
Great job guys, the best DS emu out there got even better with fantastic new sounds options!
My last wish list is now some nice texture filtering/enhancement option.
With all of this, the age-old DS will look like a more modern console! :)
anon says:
Sep 13th 2021
Windows ARM64 builds when? :P
DSLyfer says:
Sep 18th 2021
This is so amazing!

Is trying to incorporate BRZ going to be possible to fit into the 1.0 or is that still too difficult to figure out at the moment?
Minessota Klei says:
Sep 19th 2021

Thank you so much for launching!

In Linux Mint 20.2, the emulator has the same bug as the previous version, I can't enable OpenGL renderer option by emulator interface. I can only activate the OpenGL renderer by changing the melonDS.ini file (3DRenderer = 1).
Buddy says:
Oct 3rd 2021
A bit of a late response here, but this is great!
Here's hoping one of the future updates will contained a borderless windowed mode.
Abhijit Ghosh says:
Oct 6th 2021
Whenever I use the full screen in MelonDS 0.9.3, non of the input keys, even the touch screen, doesn't work. After sometimes it shows "MelonDS is not responding". Please anyone help!
kevincrans says:
Oct 9th 2021
I've got a SD card feature request. Please support the Dolphin emulator SD.raw format. Real SD cards would also be cool.
Kokonut says:
Nov 30th 2021
i'm happy to report that the emu is now running normally again compared to 0.8.3 and 0.9.2, but i'm still getting bizarre frame drops when a lot of bricks or coins are on the screen in NSMB even though the titlebar reports 60/60
Leo y Sem says:
Dec 24th 2021
Audio not working,limit framerate and audio sync won't work in any way.
R says:
Jan 23rd 2022
Yo buy drastic melonds
Hack says:
Mar 30th 2022
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Hack says:
Mar 30th 2022
Cheats melon ds no Pc
Vá em cheats
New category
Escreva o nome do cheats
Em seguida New ar code copie e cole
O cheats na janela ao lado pra mim deu certo
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