melonDS 0.9.3 is out!
We bring you melonDS 0.9.3, a tad late, but it comes with a good deal of improvements.

First of all, we fixed touchscreen input, it should now work as expected in all screen modes. We also added support for touchscreen devices (tablets etc).

On the emulation side, we added support for audio interpolation, as an optional emulation improvement. Depending on how good your game's samples are, you may see an improvement in audio quality. There are multiple interpolation types to choose from, so you can see which one you like best.

We also added a setting to optionally degrade the audio output to 10-bit, like the actual DS, for more authentic experience. This goes hand in hand with emulation of the SOUNDBIAS register, too. Emulating this register means nothing for the average game, but it could be used for cool tricks in homebrew. Hell, we even managed to make the DS play a song solely by regularly changing SOUNDBIAS.

There have been several improvements to DSi mode too. Namely, touchscreen calibration is now automatically patched in DSi mode, eliminating the need for a recalibration. It is also possible to boot DSi games and homebrew directly now, although this feature is still experimental. Last but not least, the DSi title manager allows you to easily install your DSiWare titles to your emulated NAND.

A ROM info dialog has also been added under System -> ROM Info.

There's also the usual slew of bugfixes and other little additions, you can check the changelog for the full list.

For the eventual 1.0 release, we also want to make melonDS less obtuse all around: providing user-selectable paths for savefiles and such, BIOS/firmware substitutes atleast for DS mode, less obtuse DLDI support, etc...


melonDS 0.9.3, Windows x64
melonDS 0.9.3, Linux x64
melonDS 0.9.3, Linux ARM64
melonDS 0.9.3, macOS x64
melonDS 0.9.3, macOS ARM64
melonDS 0.9.3, macOS universal
inventati says:
Sep 2nd 2021
great work! thanks for the sweet update.
Lariria says:
Sep 2nd 2021
So uh, you mention a change log, but I can't find it. Where is it?
havesga86 says:
Sep 2nd 2021
Great, man, thank you. May I ask something? Is it possible to interpolate textures when upscaled the polygons?
Sep 2nd 2021
Gogeta6680 says:
Sep 2nd 2021
Android please
Frenesi says:
Sep 2nd 2021
Oh god! I love how you casually drop this, but this is a milestone in DSiWare emulation, I'm so happy about this new release, thank you!
DSBro says:
Sep 2nd 2021
hey, I'm trying to download the Windows x64 version but I can't. What's up?
Rayyan says:
Sep 2nd 2021
Lariria: See the downloads page.
Gogeta6680: It's unlikely we will ever make an Android version, but there are unofficial ports.
DSBro: Works fine for me.
Bob says:
Sep 2nd 2021
What i need to run dsi roms directly? Only bioses and firmware or nand too?
keisui says:
Sep 2nd 2021
this is a lovely thing to wake up to , melonds team is doing great things for emulation
^~^ says:
Sep 2nd 2021
Congrats for the new release!

Re: Android:
This version seems pretty up to date
And it's also on the playstore
AsPika2219 says:
Sep 2nd 2021
Thanks for update! 🥰️🥰️🥰️
Zyute says:
Sep 3rd 2021
Thanks to the team here for making a fantastic emulator. Great job on the latest release. Ill be joining the Patreon page as a member and encourage everyone that uses melonds to do the same. Well worth it so keep it up!
Trunks/ says:
Sep 3rd 2021
Awesome work!!!
DSBro says:
Sep 3rd 2021
Yeah it works now thanks
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