Well, guess we owe you another release soon
A quick 0.9.3 release would be welcome, especially to fix the stupid bugs that appeared in 0.9.2.

Like how touchscreen input will wrap around instead of properly clamping like it's always done. This is a good reminder to us to always test all features, even those that are granted for working. They work... until somebody introduces broken code that breaks them. It's not like this hasn't happened in the past, either, so we should do more quality control.

Sorry about this.

I haven't been doing a whole lot of melonDS coding lately either. I began researching some issues, began working on timing test suites, then veered to MPU stuff, and, well...

There are other things going on in real life, which doesn't help. I can't really focus on more than one big thing at once. There are a few going on right now: trying to find a bigger apartment to move in with friends, another housing-related thing I can't really post details about, and dealing with the obnoxious little pricks who live right next to my apartment and like partying all the damn time. Seriously they look like kids who got a fancypants sound system for Christmas or something.

Once these things have settled I will hopefully be able to work more on melonDS.

The first test suites I was making were for DMA timings. I'd need to polish them and add more test cases to make it good. Although really, the timings mostly boil down to a set of rules, some of which I have yet to implement into melonDS: for example, the maximum length of a sequential read/write burst is 118 units, and (figures) sequential bursts only work when the address is incrementing. The main issue I face is implementing the rules in an elegant and efficient way.

This doesn't even get into the fun part of CPU timings. You get the code fetch cycles, data access cycles, and other internal/etc cycles, which may interact and overlap in all sorts of fancy ways.

I want to address the timing issues once and for all, and I feel it's pointless to attempt things like full cache emulation if our underlying timing model is wrong.
SSUPII says:
May 19th 2021
Don't worry, you are doing great!
Villainy says:
May 19th 2021
love the work bro!
AsPika2219 says:
May 20th 2021
Keep moving forward! 🥳️🥳️🥳️
Zyute says:
May 20th 2021
Take your time in order to get things just right. Fantastic job!
Anon says:
May 21st 2021
Ah, I know the pain of annoying neighbours! I spent a whole 8 months with all round droning construction noise bullshit in between my uni exams. They introduced a lockdown now, so they're quiet now, at least. Before then it was the goddamn election rallies, then the fucking random functions.. So, you're not alone, you don't have to apologize for shit, it sucks balls.

Anyway, I thought the touchscreen issues were because of how Windows deals with touch input rather than any internal, inherent fault of the melonds? I don't know. One of my major gripes is that old save states don't work in the newer versions of melonds. It's not that big of a deal, but for games like Professor Layton it makes the experience that much better.
Marck says:
May 23rd 2021
Nice work! Hoping for filters soon too! ;D
Sam W. says:
May 27th 2021
No sweat. You're doing great work!
Neft says:
May 27th 2021
how do I use cheats on Mac version of 9.2?
Minessota Klei says:
May 28th 2021

Thank you very much for your great work on MelonDS!

Please give a special affection to the Linux versions of the emulator (^o^)//
Cristian says:
May 30th 2021
You are doing fantastic, I love your MelonDS emulator. I'm sorry for my English. Greetings from Colombia
ded-perded says:
May 31st 2021
Please consider improving Unlaunch support in one of the forthcoming releases.
Lurker says:
Jun 1st 2021
Dont worry, life comes first, thanks for everything you've done so far
Julianel says:
Jun 3rd 2021
Hello, Will you implement any way to choose the file directories ourselves? such as saves, savestates, screenshots, list of roms etc.

(i use google traductor, my eng is bad :c )
poudink says:
Jun 3rd 2021
yes that will be there in melonDS 1.0
ToonLink22 says:
Jun 5th 2021
Hey, I cannot wait to see what's next to the project, if it were possible, could anyone say If we are going to see controller/keyboard input profiles, like there are on other emulators?, I think would make playing on pc more comfortable, good luck with your personal stuff Arisotura, take care.
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