melonDS 0.9.2 is out!
This release brings some welcome changes.

Namely, improved Mac support: there have been fixes to the JIT, but also to the interface, so things should work more smoothly under macOS.

melonDS also supports loading ROMs from the most common archive formats, now, which means users with large ROM sets should have it easier.

We also have a new menu listing the ROMs you have opened recently, making it quicker to open them again.

We got new fancy screen modes courtesy Generic. These make it possible to use 16:9 hacks along with melonDS, among other fun things. Speaking of renderers, he also went and fixed a whole bunch of OpenGL issues.

The cart interface refactor was finished in time for this release, and with it, support for NAND save memory. WarioWare DIY and Jam with the Band are now able to save correctly under melonDS.

And, as usual, there are a bunch of other misc changes, which you can find about in the changelog or commit history.


melonDS 0.9.2, Windows 64-bit
melonDS 0.9.2, Linux 64-bit
melonDS 0.9.2, Linux ARM64
melonDS 0.9.2, MacOS 64-bit
melonDS 0.9.2, MacOS ARM64
melonDS 0.9.2, MacOS universal
Generic aka RSDuck says:
Apr 29th 2021
there were a few little optimisations, so that could have made the trick if previously you already almost hit fullspeed. For best performance enable the JIT and use the software renderer.
Minessota Klei says:
Apr 29th 2021

I was able to activate the OpenGL renderer by changing the file melonDS.ini (3DRenderer = 1), this way it worked!
Anonymous says:
May 1st 2021
Thanks, dude.
TheAGames10 says:
May 6th 2021
How do we update MelonDS, I have and would like to update but keep all my settings, and there is nowhere really online that shows or explains how to update it.
Arisotura says:
May 6th 2021
you can just put it in place of the previous version
heronet says:
May 8th 2021

First of all Thanks a lot for this great emulator. I've been using melonDS for playing Pokemon games. I use Desmume for RNGing Pokemons and melonDS for regular gameplay.

Now I just saw the new SPI thing and how great it was. Does it mean my saves that I used with older versions of malonDS or desmume have something that should not be in there if they were from a real gamecard?

I'm sorry for asking this weird question but I'm an OCD patient and I couldn't help but asking it.
Generic aka RSDuck says:
May 9th 2021
> Does it mean my saves that I used with older versions of malonDS or desmume have something that should not be in there if they were from a real gamecard?

no, your savefiles are all fine.
heronet says:
May 9th 2021
Great to know. Thanks 😊
skylar says:
May 12th 2021
Dude, this emulator is amazing. i want to contribute to your excellent work by donating but i dunno how to donate your team.
Arisotura says:
May 12th 2021
check out the Donate link at the top
Jun 14th 2021
no esta disponible en window 32 bits

Richard says:
Jul 1st 2021
Hi, I currently have 0.8.3, but I don't know the exact steps to update it to the 0.9.2 version. Where should I be extracting the file?
Arisotura says:
Jul 3rd 2021
just replace the old .exe with the new one, you may have to check emu settings (BIOS/etc) too
Kokonut says:
Jul 25th 2021
Runs so much slower than 0.8.3 for me for some reason. JIT on and off. 0.8.3 ran the BIOS at full speed, 0.9.2 not so much. Is there a setting I'm missing? It's been like this since 0.9 came out...
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