Release 0.9.2 coming out soon
As title says. Right now, the only thing holding us back is that we need to setup Azure CI for proper Mac builds. I have contacted the Azure service to get a CI grant, but they haven't gotten back to me yet.

We have some cool ideas, too, but these will be for further releases.

Also, in somewhat related news, I'm starting to work on another idea. It's not related to melonDS, but it's related to the DS. For now, this is going to be a surprise, but those who have seen my Twitter lately might figure out what I'm up to. I will make a post once I've got a working prototype.
keisui says:
Apr 10th 2021
excited !
Apr 10th 2021
Im very excited for new release! :D
Nixel says:
Apr 10th 2021
Ooh, a surprise project! I'm looking forward to it! I've also been keeping an eye on the github, and I've seen a lot of exciting things come by. Definitely plenty of things to look forward to!
Bongle says:
Apr 11th 2021
What could it be :0
Generic aka RSDuck says:
Apr 11th 2021
hah I know what the secret project is :P

though speaking seriously I'm also working on something special, though who knows how far I'm going to get!
ash14 says:
Apr 12th 2021
Will this version be translated into non-English languages ?
AsPika2219 says:
Apr 12th 2021
I will waiting even on fasting in Ramadan tomorrow (depend on moon sighting) 😇
ari32 says:
Apr 12th 2021
Yesss, excited for the next version.
Also I was curious about the next project so I did check twitter. First thing I saw was an anti-capitalist retweet. Now I'm even more curious and definitely way more excited for your next project, whatever it may be :P
Arisotura says:
Apr 13th 2021
the project isn't anticapitalist in itself, but it's gonna be some fun :)
Imper_Routs says:
Aug 26th 2021
Someday they can make it run in 32 bits, they will not only help me but also more people, I hope your support from the team. I wish you luck I know that you will have to eliminate some options that only work in 64 bits but please do it.
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