Status updatezorz!
This is the first time I write a blog post in a while, so I will try to keep this short.

First, what's new on my side?

I finished my hearing for the gender marker change thing. You know, so I can get a big fat F on my ID card. You prolly don't care a lot about my trans shenanigans but this means it's one thing out of my way, and we can now proceed to full-speed melonDSing (and hopefully not from a squat, but we're doing our best).

What else is there to say?

I can't keep my focus on one thing aaaaaa

I wanna maaaaaybe try to emulate some new fun shit in melonDS. like the pokémon keyboard thingy.

Wait, no, we need to make DSi emulation better. We can prolly add a file explorer thing, so you can put your DSiware into the thing easily, and idk what other cool features there were. Just suggest them below this post, pretty sure we can get this done together! melonDS will soar through union and friendship!
Digifiend says:
Mar 31st 2021
Can you figure out why Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded hangs on the Tag Mode screen please?
Rin Tohsaka says:
Apr 1st 2021
On the subject of audio things like I mentioned in my previous comment, here's a bit of an odd one (though both mGBA and Dolphin already can do this):

custom frame rate limits combined with non-stretched audio

In other words, not only can you cap the frame rate to a weird fraction like 56.293821 fps (a teeny bit more than 93.8% of full speed) , but what it'll do for the audio is actually play the waveform at that slower rate without stretching nor pitch-correction. For example, if 100% game speed is equivalent to a waveform sample playback rate of 48000 Hz, capping a game's frame rate to 93.8% would instead play the audio waveform at 45024 Hz which is accordingly 6.2% slower / longer and 6.2% lower pitch.
Non technical guy says:
Apr 1st 2021
Ngl, that sounds cool as fuck. I'm over here thinking we could have mGBA esque save state features (where you could preview it before hand). Or like you could select states with hotkeys and have 'em saved to and loaded from with other hotkeys. I'm not very ambitious. or frame advancing.

Congrats on the marker! It sounds great. I hope you're doing well, Arisotura!
Minessota Klei says:
Apr 3rd 2021

Thank you very much for all the incredible work you have done on the MelonDS emulator! It works great on Linux Mint!

I really like the Mario Kart game, it's my favorite on the NDS! I would ask to add filters like 2xsai and the possibility of online multiplayer!
Naze says:
Apr 3rd 2021
I would like a screen layout feature where you can have the main screen on the left because I can´t put the main screen to the left
TunaBob says:
Apr 5th 2021
Has there been any thought in adding functionality that would make it possible to single tap on a windows 10 touchscreen? Having to double tap everything is really annoying.

Thanks for all the hard work!
Apr 5th 2021
It would be great if it implemented an option to record gameplays, that would be incredible :D
keisui says:
Apr 6th 2021
another suggestion would be an option to allow touchscreen input on the top screen , for games where the touchscreen controls the camera but the top screen is where the main game is . it can be disabled for the menu for when youre playing a game that doesnt require touchscreen for camera or the such
AsPika2219 says:
Apr 7th 2021
Keep moving forward! 🥳️
Jaybee87 says:
Apr 10th 2021
A fullscreen (non-windowed) option would be really cool!
Rayyan says:
Apr 12th 2021
Jaybee87: Already exists, look in hotkeys.
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