Status updatezorz!
This is the first time I write a blog post in a while, so I will try to keep this short.

First, what's new on my side?

I finished my hearing for the gender marker change thing. You know, so I can get a big fat F on my ID card. You prolly don't care a lot about my trans shenanigans but this means it's one thing out of my way, and we can now proceed to full-speed melonDSing (and hopefully not from a squat, but we're doing our best).

What else is there to say?

I can't keep my focus on one thing aaaaaa

I wanna maaaaaybe try to emulate some new fun shit in melonDS. like the pokémon keyboard thingy.

Wait, no, we need to make DSi emulation better. We can prolly add a file explorer thing, so you can put your DSiware into the thing easily, and idk what other cool features there were. Just suggest them below this post, pretty sure we can get this done together! melonDS will soar through union and friendship!
Devon says:
Mar 26th 2021
Congrats, I'm happy for you.

WEIRD blog post, though. I laughed noticing that you edited out a couple things from the original announcement.
Arisotura says:
Mar 26th 2021
well, regular readers do know that I stuggle with ADHD
Tada! says:
Mar 26th 2021
Happy to hear you're making progress in your transition!

DSIware support would be fun to see easily done, and there's always the quest for multiplayer getting solid. You've done a great job so far, much respect and admiration from a long time lurker
phantop says:
Mar 26th 2021
Ahh my RSS reader caught that edit for me hehe.

Big congrats on the F marker! As a fellow trans woman I’m envious.

As for melonDS, I think adding in custom texture replacement would be neat. I know there are a number of people interested in updating DS games with HD textures but none of the emulators support it. Would be one more thing improving a great emulator!!
Sorer says:
Mar 26th 2021
maybe implement some sort of script support?
Would be nice.
GoodWall533 says:
Mar 26th 2021
Nice to see you're doing well. For MelonDS, i think features like custom save directory for saves and savestates would be pretty cool to have and also some improvements on the DSi emulation. Otherwise, I can't think of anything else since the emu is already pretty good right now in my eyes. Take care!
Highlighter says:
Mar 26th 2021
Great post. Thanks a lot for keeping melonds alive.
- Bilinear , Bicubic Filtering for textures would be cool.
- Mapping of certain coordinates on the touchscreen for Controller input. (E.g. If you press the A button it simulates a press on the touchscreen coordinate x:50 and y:50.)
- strokes, strikes and joystick (circle) simulation on the touscreen. Would be cool to simulate the touscreeninput from mario64 with a stick on the controller to get analog control.
Gael says:
Mar 26th 2021
Congratulations on the F!

If you don't mind me asking, how is stable multiplayer going? Specifically i'm trying to have a game of Dragon Quest IX with 2 more friends and it's kinda impossible. I've heard ds multiplayer is tough, but what do you think?
Gimme says:
Mar 27th 2021
Recent rom list pls.
Generic aka RSDuck says:
Mar 27th 2021
Sorer: see
Gimme: already implemented thanks to
regarding texture filtering and replacement, that's planned for once we reimplement the texture cache (my previous attempt can be found here ).
phoenix3934 says:
Mar 27th 2021
If you don't mind, I'd like to suggest adding a "Screen Size Ratio (L:R)" function like Desmume, as the current options on Melon make the sub screen either too small or too large.
TR_mahmutpek says:
Mar 27th 2021
Good work.
Amnesia1000 says:
Mar 27th 2021
First of all congratulations! I hope everything goes well for you without any problems.

Regarding what could be added/modified in MelonDS, regarding the UI, add "Recents", in options the possibility to take a screenshot, and to be able to choose where the saves, states and screenshots are stored.
I loved the idea of an application outside the emulator or incorporated to the emulator (like Dolphin's memory manager) to add DSiWare.
Another thing that would be great, when rotating the screen, to keep the size of the window (when it is at 2x vertical and you change the orientation to horizontal, it stays at 2x vertical and not horizontal).
Malon64 says:
Mar 27th 2021
Greetings MelonDS team, I would like to hugely thank each and one of the developers for the time and effort they have spent on this project, I am very grateful.

Since this post is openly accepting suggestions, I would like to propose:

- Controller profiles: With basic options like: [Create] and [Load], this would allow users to store keyboard/controller bindings, without having to exchange the file melonDS.ini manually each time the user would like to play with a different button layout.
If it could be expanded with: [Rename] and [delete] options, that would be greatly apreciated.

None of the nintendo DS emulators I have ever used have this feature and I would love to see Melon DS to differ.

- Being able to customize hardcoded hotkeys (current and future ones).
For example: Latest version of Melon DS has some Save/Load state related shortcuts which are currently hardcoded.

These were my humbly suggestions, I fully respect the developers choice if it is decided to not develop these features.
But in case any you agree to make theses changes, please, take your needed time.
I can, and will patiently wait till these features are ready to be included to this fantastic piece of software.

PS: Arisotura, (and anyone having a bad time), I desire that one day, all your concerns and struggles go away.
Arisotura says:
Mar 27th 2021
thanks for all the suggestions! I'm in a coding mood again now. one thing I want to look into is video recording for example.
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