A lil' message to would-be translators
Since there's been a bunch of comments from people offering to translate the emulator's UI, I figured I would state this.

I am wary about internationalizing software before the end of the dev cycle. That being said, is there really an 'end of dev cycle' for an emulator project? I think it'd be a good idea to make melonDS accessible to languages that aren't English. I have a couple concerns about this though:

- I'd like translators to stick around. If they can be around to fix up their respective translations before each release, that will be great. I just really want to avoid having translations become incomplete and/or obsolete because their author is long gone.

- I want to ensure the translators are good at English and understand the terminology used in melonDS's UI. Just basic quality insurance, no Google Translate crap.

- What about this website? It's a whole different can of worms. The interface could be translated, but having to translate each and every blog post would be a massive pain in the ass.

There are also a bunch of technical concerns, but, overall, maybe we can try and pull this off for melonDS 1.0, or even earlier?

If you're in, check out this thread.

Thank you!
Nunyabizzy says:
Nov 12th 2020
I would not worry about translating the blog posts. People can use translation software for that. Interface on the emulator is what matters most. Most people who use an emulator don't visit the website often if at all. For the website, I would focus on the downloads page and things like that.
poudink says:
Nov 12th 2020
emulator sites like the dolphin sites that do have other language options don't bother translating blog posts yeah
ejelly says:
Nov 12th 2020
I'm surprised that translating the blog posts is even a consideration. As far as I could see, the blog posts are very technical, and often catered more towards people interested in the behind-the-scenes of the emulator. While having that content in different languages would be nice, anyone interested about emulators on that level will soon have to learn English anyway just to get pretty much any context beyond the blog posts--it's the Lingua Franca of software development at this point.

On the other hand, the same does not apply to people just using the emulator, so translating the UI itself (and potentially some documentation if there is any) would bring tremendous value.
Anon says:
Nov 22nd 2020
I agree with ejelly. I can vouch for that most folks who use emus are not *that* technically minded, and only very few would be interested in the blog, which are dev posts anyway. I myself only got interested in the technical side of emu development very recently, and it might just be because I recently decided to learn how to code.

Tutorials and general UI should be translated, but the blog posts might not be worth the hassle.

Besides, at least with blog posts you can be sure that folks have at least some access to other translation software, or can look up words they're not familiar with. In the general setup for an emulator, you have no such guarantee that people are going to even bother beyond the initial documentation.
poudink says:
Nov 22nd 2020
I think blog posts could probably interest a lot of people. It's just fun to hear about all of this stuff works, I think. I just don't think it's worth it to translate them all.
Guest says:
Nov 25th 2020
I agree, though as someone who has translated software in the past (and corrected translations by others), I can say that for some, like me, it is easier and faster to use a translation tool, such as Bing Translator (actually, Microsoft's tool is better at context than Google's) for the rough draft, and then spending time correcting the translation, before sending it in.

That way, you do not lose out on the quality, and you have to put in less effort at the same time.
AsPika2219 says:
Nov 29th 2020
Another one - Yandex Translate!


Try it if you can. Enjoy translate the emulators!
Rayyan says:
Nov 30th 2020
I remember that there was another one named Deepl Translate that worked better than Google translate, but it doesn't have as many languages.
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