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This blog now uses the same user accounts as the forums. So if you have an account there, you can now use it to post comments here as well.

Of course, comments are also still open to guests.

There are more updates planned to this site, so, let me know asap if anything breaks.
Generic aka RSDuck says:
Oct 31st 2020
hello world!
Arisotura says:
Oct 31st 2020
/me asplodes the world
Rayyan says:
Oct 31st 2020
PeeJay Bonobo says:
Oct 31st 2020
About time, too. I wasn't too keen on typing my name and then the comment.
Crazy says:
Oct 31st 2020
This message is being sent from the DSi web browser!
Sorer says:
Oct 31st 2020
Yooo wassup
Amnesia1000 says:
Oct 31st 2020
Cristian says:
Oct 31st 2020
Que aiga intercanbios de blutu para pokemon o en otros juegos porfavorgracias
koreanturtleship says:
Nov 1st 2020
UnknownFace says:
Nov 1st 2020
Hello, Arisotura! Is your emulator translated into other languages ​​or is it only in English? Otherwise, I would like to translate it into Portuguese, which is my native language. If that has any chance of happening, I would be very grateful. Thanks for listening. (Sorry for my bad English)
Klauserus says:
Nov 1st 2020
nice, when i can remember my password..
Well, melonDS stands at 0.9. What is the roadmap for 1.0 and can you image how long it takes. no stress, just info.
Rayyan says:
Nov 1st 2020
UnknownFace: There was an issue made about this recently on GitHub. It may happen but now is not the best time to do it.
Klauserus: melonDS 0.9.1 wishlist and melonDS roadmap.
Comlud says:
Nov 2nd 2020
I'd be down to translate the emu into Swedish ;)
poudink says:
Nov 2nd 2020
Haha, not having to enter my name messes with my muscle memory. Actually, do user tags work? Just a test: [user=11]. I was going to say I could translate into French and then I remembered Arisotura is french. Welp.
EDIT: Guess not. Oh hey, you can edit too. That's nice.
ari says:
Nov 3rd 2020
I guess I could do Greek, if the opportunity ever arises in the far future.
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