Getting there...

I'll let you guess ;)
poudink says:
Sep 3rd 2020
DLDI flashcart SD card stuff?
Marck says:
Sep 3rd 2020
I can only guess that you and your team are awesome!
Frying Pan says:
Sep 3rd 2020
The DS emulator is capable of running SNES and GBA games? Interesting, and well within the specs of the system.
Granted, we do have SNES9x and mGBA/VBA for that, but it's still a fascinating bit of progress.
The NewZeelander says:
Sep 3rd 2020
That's all fine and dandy dudebro, but when's the wifibuild coming to the downloads page? I'm dying to try it out.
A dragon says:
Sep 3rd 2020
A virtual cart inside an emulator inside a virtual cart inside an emulator. Emu-inception.
ari says:
Sep 4th 2020
Wait... is it a SNES emulator built into MelonDS, or is running SNES games a feature of the DS?
WaluigiWare64 says:
Sep 4th 2020
It's an emulator Arisotura made to run SNES games on the DS (lolSnes). So basically running a SNES emulator inside a DS emulator.
Elcor says:
Sep 7th 2020
IS it possible to add a fullscreen mode
Alt+enter or f11 to add fullscreen
Thanks devs 🏆
WaluigiWare64 says:
Sep 7th 2020
I created a PR for a fullscreen hotkey yesterday which got merged.
You can either wait for melonDS 0.9.1 or download the latest build from the GitHub CI.
~.~ says:
Sep 9th 2020
Imma guess either the JIT or overclocking... now, to the new article!
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