phantop says:
Jun 21st 2020
It’s been so long since I’ve used my DSi that I’m not sure if this is the DSi browser or a homebrew browser. Still awesome!
Niklink says:
Jun 21st 2020
Now download melonDS.
Nadia says:
Jun 21st 2020
phantop: That's the DSi browser
SSUPII says:
Jun 21st 2020
doh says:
Jun 22nd 2020
you really need to optimize your bloated page
MelonMan says:
Jun 22nd 2020
It's not bloated. It's actually quite fast (try loading from slow internet in third-world countries compared to other websites). The issue here is the DSi with 16MB of RAM (I think it says something like "Memory insufficient. Websites may not function correctly" or something like that). I can load this page fine with my 3DS (which has 128 MB RAM).

Also, is there a way that more RAM could be emulated? I think no$gba does this (see the screenshot).
Arisotura says:
Jun 22nd 2020
I think doh was being sarcastic there :P

also, it's possible to go to 32MB of RAM, but that is for debug units. not sure retail DSi software would use the extra RAM.
Cool Beans says:
Jun 22nd 2020
I mean, if we're being honest here the DSi browser is effectively useless since it has dirt RAM and in general is inferior to any computer capable of running MelonDS by orders of magnitude. It's fun to see but has no relevance except for laying down the groundwork for other aspects.
The fact that we CAN look at it though... * laughs maniacally *
AsPika2219 says:
Jun 24th 2020
NANI??? 😱 Anyway, waiting for updates!
^.^ says:
Jun 28th 2020
Nds bootstrap uses the full 32MB on the 3ds, since, you know, the 3ds is actually a TWL debug unit :)
Daniel says:
Aug 3rd 2020
I can't install this app :')
Daniel says:
Aug 3rd 2020
can someone help me
Max says:
Oct 2nd 2020
how do you install melonds
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