By popular request

You guess.

I'm not forgetting about the OpenGL work that was started, either, but I really needed to work on something new to get some motivation back and not let melonDS die.

Also, our comrades RSDuck/Generic and Chagall have been working on some pretty rad shit too. We're coordinating to unite all that nicely for an epic release eventually.
SeppNel says:
Feb 15th 2020
Im guessing that is cheat support or a new melonDS Big Mario Edition.
aryma says:
Feb 15th 2020
is it possible to you to add waifu2x or similar options like NNEDI3 or RAISR ?
SIGMA says:
Feb 15th 2020
Cheat support!?
Nixel says:
Feb 15th 2020
Yay, can't wait for the epic release!
AsPika2219 says:
Feb 15th 2020
fintogive says:
Feb 16th 2020
yes cheat support and tool to make codes would be something new or heck even avi dumping or sound dumping :P i hope you dont lose interest melonds. it is way better than desmume other than a few missing elements. keep upp the good work!
adinsx says:
Feb 19th 2020
That's a big mario XD
Jeffren says:
Feb 13th 2023
No sé cómo usar los trucos me enseñan
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