Sorry for the silence lately
Shit's happening IRL.

Well, if you know me, you know that:

* I tend to only be able to focus on one big thing at once
* I am a trans girl

About the second point, I'm wanting to 'finish' my transition. There isn't a specific point where a gender transition can be considered finished; when your transition is finished depends on your criteria.

For me, that means I'm currently putting together the paperwork to get my name changed. Not the most difficult part, but anything involving paperwork tends to drain my energy, so you guess how that goes.

And it's not over, next comes getting my gender marker changed, and that one is more difficult (surprise).

Finishing my transition also means a few other things, like finally working on my voice or taking some time to figure out my style and build a better wardrobe.

There's also the whole bit where my job ends in about one month, and for now I don't quite know what I'll do next.

Sorry for the lack of activity wrt melonDS, but hopefully that will pick up again soon.

I began adapting the 4xBRZ filter shader to the OpenGL renderer a while ago, which is giving decent results, but I need to finish it (namely adding the 3D layer to it). I'm experimenting with ways to filter the 2D elements when the 3D layer is being upscaled.
Bed says:
Jan 17th 2020
Will you still be working on melon DS and melon DSi? I really like melon DS and it would be amazing seeing melon DSi!
Phantop says:
Jan 17th 2020
Hey, Arisotura!

As someone who just recently came to terms with my own desire to transition and came out to my parents, I can just wish you luck.

You're way farther in this than I am, but either way you've done great work with melonDS and you deserve the chance to focus on yourself.
Arisotura says:
Jan 17th 2020
Bed: yeah, melonDS will continue being a thing. melonDSi will eventually be merged back into melonDS, too.

Phantop: thanks! also, good luck in your transition, it's not something easy. hope your parents took it well.
ludo says:
Jan 17th 2020
open a patreon for this project?
Arisotura says:
Jan 18th 2020
there's already one:
esteban says:
Jan 18th 2020
It's ok, deal with what you have to and I support you! :)
Oeil2Fenix says:
Jan 18th 2020
Your work is amazing ! Thanks to your emulator, you litteraly save my DS Lite, i had just the time to save firmware and bioses before dpad stops working. I'm gonna do the same thing for my Dsi XL, but I don't get why my nand doesn't want to boot to the menu (maybe the firmware is not supported).
Bed says:
Jan 18th 2020
I was experimenting with my decrypted DSi nand and I found the flipnote studio manual files. I decrypted those files and I got the manuals, sound, pages, textures, and languages. The folders say the file names and they're all blank file extensions. Does anybody know how to open and read these files because I found absolutely nothing about DSi Ware manual files.
fintogive says:
Jan 20th 2020
your going all out! I wish you the best for when you complete your transition! im looking forward to your next update too! personally im most exited for when AR codes are implemented!
Ammako says:
Jan 24th 2020
Hope you can figure out what kind of clothing feels right to you. Just try not to overthink it too much. imo it's much more important to go for what /feels/ right, rather than what /looks/ right. For a lot of people, these are both the same thing, but not always. So I think it's important to keep that in mind.

You know yourself way better than I would though. Hopefully you already have an idea in mind, of what feels right. If not then I hope you'll be able to figure it out without to much hassle. That part is kind of a pain sometimes.
Ð says:
Jan 25th 2020
Just go for what make u feel well, and u will know when u feel it. Dont overthink it <3. GL
morgan says:
Jan 27th 2020
Take your time girl! You're doin amazing work and we all wish you the best
Roak says:
Feb 5th 2020
queen shit
Sanne says:
Feb 7th 2020
want to learn a new skill? Transform your favorite male clothes into a feminine version? Score an instant +10 victorian lady points?

Sewing classes!

Trust me on this one, dudette. It will be an investment that will benefit you for the rest of your life!
DontCareAboutDSI says:
Feb 10th 2020
Take your sweet time with your transition and make sure you feel well first.
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