Status update II
Couple things.

First of all, things have been a bit shitshow-y, and involved a few bursts of depression, but, finally, it's there, I have my apartment now. I'm not quite finished settling here, but that's a big relief for now. Plus, the place is fairly nice! Except for the wall sockets being upside-down, but, eh.

Next, I'm being sucky at delivering a JIT beta. Thing is, unlike the DSi branch which was hacked together by me, the JIT branch is Generic's work, so I will need to take a while and get familiar with it.

In the meantime, I figured I would let Generic handle things himself. I gave him access to this blog and all, so he will be able to post a beta build, which he said he would do tomorrow.

I figure the best way to work with this long-term is to work as a duo. I'm less skilled on things like fast CPU emulation, and more skilled on other parts of emulation, so other people like Generic can complement me nicely there and together we can deliver an excellent product.

And, holy fucking shit, reconciling the JIT and DSi branches is something I'm totally looking forward to. At this point, the DSi branch already has several conflicts with the master branch (it's based off 0.8.1, so yeah), and, no idea about the JIT branch.

Immediately tho, I'm going to improve the OpenGL renderer. This means reorganizing some of the code so it's easier to work with, fixing some longstanding issues like the case of dual-screen 3D, and adding some filtering.

You can follow the progress in the appropriately named blackmagic_II branch.

Hell, even writing this post is taking me forever.

Also, today's Dec 5, and it's the general strike day. Seeing how successful it was, if they manage to keep going at this rate (and they totally intend to keep going), president Macron is going to have a hard time. But, this also means that certain things may be delayed, or whatever, so we'll see.
fintogive says:
Dec 6th 2019
awesome! im glad you got settled in but an upside down plug in is UNACCEPTABLE! how dare they! lol jk :P sounds like melonds really starting to come together at this point? i'll be glad when AR code support and texture filtering along with avi dumping cause then then i will be able to ditch desmume for the superior program! if i knew c++ i would defiantly help with this project. keep up the good work guys!
wundrweapon says:
Dec 6th 2019
Sounds like good news to me! You mentioned improving the OpenGL renderer, but I'm curious if there are any plans to implement a Vulkan renderer
Ammako says:
Dec 6th 2019
Nicely done, getting there.
Zinx says:
Dec 6th 2019
are texture pack support also in the works?
Nice progress this far though.
MelonMan says:
Dec 6th 2019
kevincrans says:
Dec 6th 2019
I love there is being worked on OpenGL optimizations, and even more that JIT is treated with care. Nice name for a branch you got there! I've just got one request, Vulkan support seems a to heavy task for now, but if you will do that in the future, could you please call it the appropriately named "rogmobile_III"-branch? :P
kevincrans says:
Dec 6th 2019
Just Kidding, can't wait to try out the next build!. Fantastic that you got your new apartment! Good Luck!
Arisotura says:
Dec 6th 2019
Vulkan support isn't planned (it would hardly bring any benefit over OpenGL) and will not be until the day OpenGL starts getting actively phased out.
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