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Not a lot to say other than that I'm still trying to figure out how to fix audio output. And I hope the fix will work. It would be utterly soul-crushing if I spent all that time figuring out a fix and implementing it only to have it be a trainwreck for half the userbase or whatever. So... let's pray.

Also, on the DSi front:

I'm also unsure what to do. there are BIOS dumps out there that have been filled as much as possible, by dumping the lower half and adding back the known parts of the upper half that can be sourced from elsewhere, as seen there: http://problemkaputt.de/gbatek.htm#biosdumping . NO$GBA expects these particular dumps. I might want to adopt that method too, but I'm afraid such dumps are less complete than dsikeys.bin/initmem7.bin/initmem9.bin.

Opinions on this are welcome. I'll need to check how much of the AES keys is sourced from the BIOS, vs how much is needed to run shit like the DSi firmware.

For reference: dsikeys.bin contains all the AES keys, as extracted from the AES engine after an unlaunch boot. initmem7.bin and initmem9.bin are chunks of ARM7 WRAM and ARM9 ITCM that contain keys (RSA, Blowfish) and other shit needed for initialization, those are mostly (but not entirely) sourced from the BIOS.

On other fronts, all sorts of exciting things are being developed for melonDS! Those who follow repo activity may have noted that DLDI support is being worked on. Stay tuned!

Edit- comments about how "I don't give a shit about DSi emulation!! Work on the features I want!!" or "nobody cares about DSi" or whatever, are getting on my nerves. There are very good reasons to work on DSi emulation, so I swear that if this shit continues I'll be deleting comments and handing out bans.
FancyDS says:
Sep 1st 2019
Honestly, I only really came to MelonDS for better Wi-Fi than DeSmuME, but I'm still excited for DSi support as I never had a DSi before.
A dragon says:
Sep 1st 2019
Name, just because you didn't have a DSi doesn't mean its not important for it to emulated. If stuff like it isn't emulated and preserved, it could be lost for future generations similar to the situation with Silent Hills P.T.. I just hope the DS side of this emulator doesn't get neglected in the process of working on DSi emulation for those of us who never had a DSi.
A dragon says:
Sep 2nd 2019
I mean for it to be emulated. My mistake.
A dragon says:
Sep 4th 2019
Heloothere, don't be an a-hole. In my mind, gender doesn't mean a thing in terms of what one is capable of doing.
Ammako says:
Sep 4th 2019
Imagine feeling so powerless that you need to refuse someone's polite request to be called what they want just so you can feel like you're doing something.
ILoveEmulation says:
Sep 5th 2019
Just ignore the drama queens or ignore their petty existence and keep up with the amazing work, i still remember the first time i ever booted the dsi firmware in no$gba, that shit was magic!
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