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Not a lot to say other than that I'm still trying to figure out how to fix audio output. And I hope the fix will work. It would be utterly soul-crushing if I spent all that time figuring out a fix and implementing it only to have it be a trainwreck for half the userbase or whatever. So... let's pray.

Also, on the DSi front:

I'm also unsure what to do. there are BIOS dumps out there that have been filled as much as possible, by dumping the lower half and adding back the known parts of the upper half that can be sourced from elsewhere, as seen there: http://problemkaputt.de/gbatek.htm#biosdumping . NO$GBA expects these particular dumps. I might want to adopt that method too, but I'm afraid such dumps are less complete than dsikeys.bin/initmem7.bin/initmem9.bin.

Opinions on this are welcome. I'll need to check how much of the AES keys is sourced from the BIOS, vs how much is needed to run shit like the DSi firmware.

For reference: dsikeys.bin contains all the AES keys, as extracted from the AES engine after an unlaunch boot. initmem7.bin and initmem9.bin are chunks of ARM7 WRAM and ARM9 ITCM that contain keys (RSA, Blowfish) and other shit needed for initialization, those are mostly (but not entirely) sourced from the BIOS.

On other fronts, all sorts of exciting things are being developed for melonDS! Those who follow repo activity may have noted that DLDI support is being worked on. Stay tuned!

Edit- comments about how "I don't give a shit about DSi emulation!! Work on the features I want!!" or "nobody cares about DSi" or whatever, are getting on my nerves. There are very good reasons to work on DSi emulation, so I swear that if this shit continues I'll be deleting comments and handing out bans.
Skylark says:
Aug 23rd 2019
I actually have a physical DSi and was curious what tools I would need in order to properly dump everything for the future.
fintogive says:
Aug 24th 2019
dldi is for file support for homebrew games like dscraft right? i wish i could help tbh. but im not a programmer. i know some one that might have a full dsi bios dump possibly...
A dragon says:
Aug 24th 2019
I'll wish you the best of luck with this madam, but if you get stressed out, don't feel bad for deciding to take a break to look into other areas to polish. I'm kind of hoping to see a version where it's possible to assign an analog stick to act to move the style and you're able to assign to an analog stick and click with one of the triggers on a controllers.
anon says:
Aug 25th 2019
@A dragon: You're talking about macro. Just look up "macro for gaming" or "gamepad macro". Good luck.
Name says:
Aug 26th 2019
i really just care about wifi/wireless compatibility, not a cool bios for a system nobody owned outside of flipnote.
Name says:
Aug 26th 2019
I meant *used* not *owned*
Guest says:
Aug 26th 2019
@Name, I personally am hoping for an open-source firmware replacement, similar to what Citra has for the 3DS (though adding a GUI for that, while less enticing for developers, would be nice, in my opinion).
A dragon says:
Aug 26th 2019
@anon It's one of those convenience things. I could boot it through Steam and get it working that way, but I don't want to do that as I've encountered some stalker types. While I could set my Steam profile to private, the problem with that is inviting friends to play games with you doesn't work properly in some games if you do. Example, Payday 2.
anon says:
Aug 27th 2019
@A dragon: Erm, no. I was saying that you can record pointer/stylus movement (i.e.: drawing a star in Trauma Center games) or multiple button presses (i.e.: combo moves in fighting games) and replay it with a single button press/click using macro apps.
SGC says:
Aug 27th 2019
I'm mostly interested in the Wi-Fi aspect of the emulator.
It would make it much easier for people with no accesses to a WEP router to play DS games online.

Also, debugging tools for things that happen online, and in wireless play.

The DSi features a quite exciting too.
Zinx says:
Aug 27th 2019
@SGC Well , currently the WEP router restriction is replaced by the Ethernet connection restriction (for now).
A dragon says:
Aug 27th 2019
That's not what I'm interested in. I am wanting a generic binding similar to how you could can move the cursor around on the Wii Menu with a classic controller, but with the a click functionality.
anon says:
Aug 28th 2019
@A dragon: RetroArch has this. Bind the pointer movement to an analog stick then bind the click to a button.
ReductiveChaos says:
Aug 30th 2019
Just wanted to say, I'm thrilled with the idea of DSi emulation. I dumped the 25th Anniversary Zelda Four Swords game from my 3DS, and I'd love to be able to play it under melonDS. There's a number of other DSiware-exclusive games out there that, with any luck, can still be preserved through DSi emulation, once that becomes usable.

(Plus, melonDS is pretty great on most other fronts already. The only thing I actually "miss" is configurable paths for saves/etc., but that's easy enough to work around with some symlinking.)
Spikelink says:
Sep 1st 2019
I'm here for the same reason the comment above is :D
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