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Posted on 12-20-17 01:43 AM, in Non-local wifi Link | #466
Hey that's me

Posted on 01-08-18 02:42 AM, in wifi emulation Link | #490
WiFi emulation already requires extremely tight timings. You'd need special hardware in order to connect with a real DS.

Posted on 02-15-18 03:07 AM, in Desmume comparison/image differences (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney) Link | #535
While there's no way to confirm this until it's been verified on hardware, I would guess that melonDS is correct. StapleButter has put effort into making the 2D renderer pixel-perfect and basically doing things right from the start. Compare that with DeSmuME, whose main priority, starting a decade ago, was getting games to boot without much consideration towards some of the finer details of the GPU.

Main - Posts by PSISP

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