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Posted on 07-18-17 03:20 PM, in The wifi thread Link | #264
Posted by telon22
Ok testing the 0.4 build I have tried only few games and those like SMB works almost flawlessly.
I have been able to use trading and other things in Pokemon 5th gen ie BW but on 4th gen aka HGSS and DP whenever I try to trade/ battle the screen would go to the trade screen for eample but then suddenly I get this error . I have tried many times with that wifi bind setting too but this happens in 4th gen games only.
I would like to know if this happens to me only or also others?

Yeah, it happens to me too. I can't complete a trade on gen 4, I get the same error. Also, in BW & B2W2, some trades are completed successfully, but sometimes it gets stuck to this screen forever.

Posted on 08-13-18 04:59 PM, in Collaboration with Desmume? Link | #640
Hey StapleButter, I have seen that you have posted a reply in the Desmume forum 2 years after your previous post there.

Does this mean that you are back helping with that emulator? I have seen a change in Zeromus' stance against wifi in recent commits. He has "allowed" merging some pull requests regarding wifi.

There is also this thread (, where they mention that you can help by combing desmume and melonds code, in order to improve wifi stability. I know that there is some history where desmume's wifi code has been sabotaged, but I believe it would be in everyone's benefit if you could collaborate with other developers that have the same goal with you. Jackobo, retr0s4ge and rogerman seem to really care about this goal.

I know that real life keeps you busy and you want to try to emulate DSi, but proper wifi communication has been something I have been waiting for many years and I believe you are the one that has gotten closer to achieving it.

Anyway, thanks for listening and everything you have done all these years for the emulation scene.


Posted on 09-08-19 08:34 PM, in melonDS roadmap Link | #1225
What about local multiplayer?

Posted on 07-28-20 06:02 AM, in How do I do multiplayer? Link | #2123
Posted by DickWad
I've tried to use this to trade and evolve pokemon and it jsut crashes the instant i enter the union room, I think i'm doing something wrong.
Can someone give me a step by step process on how to use local multiplayer?

This happens to me too. The 2nd Melonds instance closes the second I enter the Union Room. I am using the latest version with the slirp branch merged.

Posted on 01-07-21 05:01 PM, in Successful emu to emu pokémon trade in HeartGold --- Solution! (rev. 2 of 05-24-21 04:24 AM) Link | #3101
You can try this version that has some improvements regarding SRAM. Edit: Since this has been merged, better use the latest stable version from Downloads. I have managed to finish 20 trades without an error. I opened 2 melonds instances in the same PC and disabled the frame limiter.

Posted on 01-10-21 01:48 PM, in How to transfer pokemon from platinum to bw2 (rev. 2 of 01-10-21 03:58 PM) Link | #3109
The "easy" way is to use PKHeX. But you can also go for the more "official" way, which is the Poké Transfer .

I have managed to trasfer Pokemon from HeartGold to Black on the same Windows PC with the steps below:

1. Get the latest version of melonDS from Github (not the official 0.9.1), since it has changes that have made local multiplayer more stable. I guess that they will be in the upcoming 0.9.2 (or 1.0?) release.
2. Open 2 instances of melonDS, go to Settings and turn off "Limit framerate" and "Audio sync" in order to go above 60fps. This is important because (for some technical reason that I am not an expert to explain), if at any point the fps goes below 60 in any of the 2 instances, the transfer will fail.
3. In the Wifi Settings, turn on the "Randomize MAC address" and in Emu Settings turn off the "Boot game directly"
4. In the first instance, open the Gen5 game (e.g. Pokemon Black) and go to the Poké Transfer Lab. Keep in mind that you must have beaten the Elite Four and obtain the National Pokedex.
5. Talk to the guy on top of the stairs, until the game shows a message informing you to insert a Gen4 game to the other DS.
6. Now, load the Gen4 game (e.g. Pokemon Platinum) on the second melonDS instance. In the DS boot menu, instead of selecting the game, select DS Download Play. If done correctly, a Poke Transfer ID will show up. Press "Select" and "Yes".
7. Select 6 Pokemon you want to transfer and play the crossbow minigame where you have to catch the Pokemon before time runs out. Unfortunately, because the game runs at high FPS (for the reason mentioned above), it is very hard to catch them all in one try, so good luck.
8. After the minigame, both games save your progress and ask you if you want to play again. After you exit, the Gen4 game must be closed and the Gen5 returns to the lab. The Pokemon you managed to catch must be in your box.

Keep in mind, that it took me 3-4 times to get it to work. I tried enabling "Limit FPS" during the minigame, in order to be less difficult, but every time I did it, the game freeze when saving.

Posted on 01-19-21 03:53 PM, in Successful emu to emu pokémon trade in HeartGold --- Solution! Link | #3149
Posted by Toonsydney
Still have troubles trading with the new version regarding SRAM. Can't get passed talking to the guy

Any tips?

Turn on "Randomize MAC address"
Turn off "Limit framerate" and "Audio sync"

Posted on 01-26-21 03:12 PM, in Nintendo DS/Nintendo Wii Connectivity Link | #3199
I wonder if the developers will look into this, now that local multiplayer is in a better shape.

Posted on 01-26-21 05:02 PM, in Nintendo DS/Nintendo Wii Connectivity Link | #3201
Posted by Generic aka RSDuck
you mean the async SRAM saving? That was pretty much only a lucky side effect nothing more.

Well, I have tested all pokemon games and local multiplayer works 100% as long as frame limiter and audio sync are disabled. It is the further any ds emulator has managed to go.

To be honest, I am looking forward to a blog post explaining why it was "pretty much only a lucky side effect" and what has to be done next. Keep up the good work. ;)

Posted on 02-25-21 04:00 AM, in Need some help with Local Connection or something Link | #3361
If you are using version 0.9.1, there was a bug that now is fixed. Try the latest build from github or 0.9.

Posted on 03-13-21 09:41 AM, in the DSi findings stash Link | #3436
I don't know if this is important, I will just leave it here. :)

Posted on 04-09-21 02:42 PM, in melonDS trading with normal ds can someone please help? Link | #3573
Posted by Nadia
If you were intending to use local (DS-to-DS) wireless, that will not work and for annoying technical reasons probably never will.

Hi Nadia, can you elaborate on that? I have been following the DS emulation scene for about 15 years and I always wondered why the DS multiplayer is so difficult to emulate. It has become even more strange, if you considered that 3DS and even Switch multiplayer are at a very playable state, with Citra and Ryujinx LDN, respectively. I would appreciate if the melonDS team wrote an article on it. :)

Posted on 04-18-21 10:50 AM, in black2 pokemon crash during exchanges (at the time of discussion with ...) Link | #3591
Wait for the 0.9.2 release. Then try disabling audio sync and frame limiter.

Posted on 05-06-21 02:15 PM, in Connect MelonDS to real DS (wirelessly, no internet) Link | #3671
Out of curiosity, is there an emulator (of any console) that has the ability to connect with a "real" console? I searched and couldn't find any example.

Posted on 05-06-21 05:21 PM, in Connect MelonDS to real DS (wirelessly, no internet) Link | #3675
Posted by poudink
He said "of any console", so melonDS isn't the only one that emulates local wireless. Citra supports local wireless too. Can't connect to a real 3DS, though.

This^ I am not just talking about DS emulators. I am talking about ANY emulators. Seems that emulator-to-console connectivity is really hard to achieve.

Well, after doing a little research, the only emulator that has come close is PPSSPP.

In conclusion, this seems to be a feature that no other emulator has achieved, so posting on the forum asking "There's never been anyone working on something like this?" is just absurd. We should call this the "final boss" of melonDS development:P

Posted on 05-12-21 05:48 PM, in emulating memory protection Link | #3715

Posted on 08-28-21 03:00 PM, in "There is already a Game File" Link | #4369
First rule of emulation: don't rely on save states.
Use normal game saves for saving your progress. Use save states only for occasions where you can't normally save. For example, when encountering a rare pokemon. Create a save state in case you accidentally faint it. Also, always keep backup saves.

Posted on 09-30-21 08:35 AM, in melonds files Link | #4519
Check this out:

Posted on 11-05-21 06:00 AM, in melonDS birthday - Ask Us Anything! Link | #4683
I would like to know your thoughts on the future of the project. After achieving currents goals (DSi, stable multiplayer etc), what's next? Cycle accurate emulation?
Maybe creating another Nintendo emulator eg. 3DS ?

Posted on 01-12-22 03:33 PM, in Link with another computer Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold Link | #4918
Recommended settings are limit framerate and audio sync off, randomize mac address on (in firmware settings). The game will play fast but the connection becomes more stable.
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