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Posted on 06-24-17 01:18 PM, in The Compatibility Thread Link | #236

Sorry i have no time for Github today. I make a fast testing. only play 3-5 Minutes a Game. Hope i can help

test-System: i5 6200U Nvidia 940M
melonDs 0.3: Boot not directly

Generel: Automatic window size (adaptation) would be great. After it has eaten the window, to get it not just to normal.

Golden Sun startscreen flickers heavy and top and Bottom screen same picture, Intro only bottom Screen and fps dips
Maze of Fate can see only bottom screen
Final Fantasy IV 22FPS at Sequences 51 at fight, enemy in the first fight invisible. Sometimes so
30 FPS, but it looks very slowly
Cooking Mama 2 runs good but sound "buffer" problems
Geometrie Wars no bottom screen
Dragon Quest Outdoor 38 FPS Sound is bad, Indoor very smooth 60 FPS
Kirby Mass Attack looks good, only sound is from time to time bad
Castlevania - Portrait of Ruin cant save game. it closed
Rune Factory Runs very good
Mario&Luigi PiT Runs very good
Blue Dragoon Plus Runs good at 46-60 FPS, sound buffer Problems

Posted on 07-16-17 05:52 PM, in melonDS 0.4 Link | #261
i5 6200U Nvidia 940M
Boot directly

Golden Sun no more startscreen flickers, but it runs at 5FPS
Maze of Fate cant see bottom screen
Final Fantasy IV can see all NPC´s (v0.3 not) but the sound is very slow
Castlevania - POR i delete the save file and it works :)

PS: Thanks for your great work. I cant wait for a final version :D :D :D[/b]

Posted on 10-06-17 06:07 PM, in melonDS 0.5 Link | #376
Hi. Thank you so mich for this nice piece Software. I watching it since beginning. Much more games working at 0.5. But i cant See fps counter. Habe you a shortcut? The graphics are very nice but the sound is bader than version 0.4.

I am very interesting in your work. What is the next step, the road map for Version 0.6.?

Thank you. Greetings from germany

Posted on 10-06-17 06:55 PM, in melonDS 0.5 Link | #378
OK cool. I cant wait :)
Wifi is a excitimg thing..... And the sound? :) vor is that a Problem from my PC? I5 6200u nvidia 940

Posted on 12-18-17 10:51 AM, in melonDS 0.6 Link | #454
Hi.I have tested the version 0.6b.I must say, melonds looks like better and better.But, i have reading that sound issue are over.In final fantasy IV the voice is stuttering and the fps pull down on 43 fps.In golden sun, too.I hope you csn fix it on next release.It is a pleasure.

Posted on 01-17-18 10:55 AM, in Non-local wifi Link | #502
Hey.Come on.You make a great job.Do what you want and all thinks be good.I hope you have allso motivation to bring melonds forward.The thing with the internet is sh... I read about the usa for example what happen today. In europe the same sh... About the wifi connection. I dont need it, the person from mgba know what happen, maybe. Two brians are better than one. Have a great time. Greetings

Posted on 11-23-18 06:10 PM, in melonDS Patreon Link | #761

I have no paypal (for Patreon), but i like to support you! Please send me a PM with "how"


[image] [image]

Happy Birthday - this cake look so nice :D

Posted on 12-13-18 05:03 PM, in 7.1 Test Thread (rev. 7 of 12-16-18 04:17 PM) Link | #806

i would like to ask, which games i testing shall. I habe a PC for the emulator, of course, but an DS, DSLite some original Games and a M3, too.
let us make the emulator better, yet. Short conclusion:

CPU: Phenom 955
GPU: 650 Ti Nvidia
Audio: XFI-Sound

New Super Mario Bros (EU):

+ Wow damn fast (not to fast) nice
- Audio slowmo and crackeling

Pokémon - Black Edition (German and spain)

- Audio slowmo and crackeling
- hangs after starts new game

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Echoes of Time (EU):

- Audio slowmo and crackeling
- little slow downs 60 ->50 FPS when i talking with People (2d sprites) -smooth with 7.2
- some unnormal Graphics fixed in 7.2 - share DEINE Bilder

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Chronicles Ring of Fates (EU):

+ looks great overall
+ very fast ingame
- the intro runs with 30 FPS not with 60 maybe, my cpu is to slow
- sprite flickering (see below) fixed with 7.2 - share DEINE Bilder

...... it is very fast. I like it :)

Posted on 12-13-18 05:24 PM, in 7.1 Test Thread Link | #808
I was hoping you had special games with features that you would like to have tested. Games with special accuraty or timings / glitches what ever. Games with Problems

Posted on 12-13-18 08:05 PM, in 7.1 Test Thread Link | #810
shure, but i think many developer (i know 2 of them) make just a quick test and hope anyone go deeper. you know what i mean?

Posted on 12-13-18 09:24 PM, in what about an New Option Link | #811

I miss an Option to auto scale the Screensize/window (original, 2x or higher).
Can you made this please?

Posted on 12-15-18 09:30 AM, in 7.1 Test Thread Link | #813
Posted by Sorer
AMD CPUs pre-Ryzen have such a low single thread performance you never gonna fully enjoy emulators that are CPU-bound.

i am not an expert, but the intro graphic are the same like ingame. No rendering no higher textures. ok the ather problems aren´t a performance problem.

Posted on 12-17-18 10:11 PM, in what about an New Option Link | #816
Cool. THX.

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