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Posted on 09-19-20 07:05 PM, in How do I play DSi games? Link | #2376
title, by installing the cia or via nds but how??

IIRC new update says you need to install but how?

Posted on 09-28-20 07:25 PM, in How do I play DSi games? Link | #2455
Yes, exactly and zelda four sword remake.

Posted on 09-30-20 11:36 AM, in How do I play DSi games? Link | #2465
So we cant? Bro this is very weird in a emulator scene. You have a good emulator but cant do anything XD

Posted on 09-30-20 05:06 PM, in How do I play DSi games? Link | #2468
Posted by poudink
yes you can. get a nand up with the games installed.

Well then, YARRRR!

cough* piracy cough*

Posted on 11-04-20 07:16 PM, in How to make .img files for use with melonDS Link | #2682
Thx for tutorial, was looking for this!

Posted on 11-05-20 09:33 PM, in Feature request/suggestion: Change Aspect Ratio Link | #2690
any updates on widescreen feature?

Posted on 11-12-20 08:10 PM, in If you'd like to translate melonDS: read this post Link | #2728
I can translate to Turkish (maybe)
I will be unavailable all time (lol) but you can reach me on WhatsApp and if emulator updated, I can look into it.

How many text/phrases in this emu btw? If its not too much, I can handle.

Posted on 11-29-20 08:48 PM, in need bios and firmware Link | #2864
just type on google and download it, its easy to find

Main - Posts by TR_mahmutpek

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