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Posted on 06-22-17 05:05 PM, in melonDS 0.3 Link | #226
Im having an interesting issue with melonDS. Every time i try to boot up something, no matter what, the game does not boot. It does not matter what game.

Also is there a way to get a log of the console?

Posted on 07-24-17 09:48 PM, in The Compatibility Thread Link | #281
0.4 Compatibility Report.

I tested all of my megaman games.

Works as it should.
Megaman ZX
Megaman ZX Advent
Megaman Zero Collection

Works better than DesmuME.
Megaman Battle Network 5 - Double Team


Megaman Starforce 3 - Red Joker

Verdict: [image]

Okay it only crashed the first time i loaded it. Otherwise it works great.

Posted on 09-18-17 10:15 PM, in Possible Optimizations List Link | #339
This is a list for possible optimizations for MelonDS that could hopefully not affect the accuracy which users can submit ideas.

Im thinking that loading is quite the bottleneck right now, its making some games, particularly the 2D Mega Man games unplayable since they constantly load.

Main - Posts by CRITAWAKETS

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