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Posted on 09-15-23 09:30 PM, in The Compatibility Thread (rev. 2 of 09-15-23 09:34 PM by Arisotura) Link | #6211
Foto Showdown works all the way up until when you need to use the camera, this does not work at all, it lags to 10 frames per second and crashes, I've tried using my webcam and a image, and theres also a graphical bug when this happens, but I suspect that has to do with the terrible camera code.

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Posted on 12-10-23 09:18 PM, in Feature Request: Desmume Savestate Loading (rev. 2 of 12-10-23 09:20 PM) Link | #6350
Allowing Desmume Savestate Loading would be a big help with some people in the homebrew and TAS community who want to switch to MelonDS.
Also adding support for most of the version of desmume savestates would be nice since they all use different versions of the file format.

Posted on 12-19-23 09:50 PM, in I found something inacurate on MelonDS Link | #6364
So, if you don't know, you can soft reset most DS games with Start + Select + L + R and holding them, This works on most emulators as well, but MelonDS it seems it doesn't work. It might be a firmware thing, I'm not sure.

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